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My old friend John May 20, 2010

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Before i begin i would like to state that the title of this blog is in no particular order of importance! 😛

As you might have gathered by now im a bit of a gamer and if im completely honest it does take up a fair bit of my life but im sure it can’t be counted as an addiction….yet!

I love my Xbox 360 and wouldnt swap it for anything in the word! (no definitely not a ps3) and although it slightly sickens me to think about it this way i have possibly spent about £1000 on xbox games over the couple of years i have had it!

At current i have about 20ish games (that tend to cost about £50 each generally) to which i try to play. And two controllers with charger packs (see everything adds up)

Now i know some people have very high views on children playing video games and i also have some but i dont think its a bad thing for small children to play some games for example Oli (who is one and a little bit) loves helping me play fifa! (or just helping win just ask urbanvox hehe) although understandably i would never let oli play/watch a game full of killing and swearing.

When i was growing up….from about the age of 10ish anyway i always had a games console and in moderation it was good fun and never did me any serious damage! Now you may have noticed i said in moderation and this is because i have known kids to get in from school and go straight on the games console and not come off till bedtime. This i disagree with.

I went to school boy called John higgins who was like any other boy i hung out with him a few times and he was on some school trips with me and genuinely seemed like a normal 15 year old boy and then his parents brought him a playstation for christmas and everything changed.

you only began to notice little things at first like him missing the odd day at school but this was just put down to illness little did we know he was faking it to play more playstation. after  a couple of months we started to see less and less of John untill the point he was off for two weeks straight!

Thinking something was seriously wrong a couple of us ventured to his house. We rang the door bell and we were met by what looked like a very stressed women. we asked if John was about and she explained everything apparently John had become so addicted to the games console he rarely came out of his room and meals had to be simply left outside his door for him to eat! he hadn’t showered or washed in weeks and didnt react well to light.

We found it hard to believe so asked if we could go up to his room she was willing to try anything to get him away from the computer, now i should mention they had tried to just take it away but he went mental and started breaking things and smashing up his room, so we opened his bedroom door to be met only by the light coming from his tv.

The smell was awful a mixture of rotting food and age-old sweat, he didn’t even acknowledge us untill we stood in front of the tv then all we got was a sharp “get out of the way what do you want?”. I was sad to see what was once a friend like this he was a completely different person! when he was at school he had short hair with a bit of a fringe (it was the in look) and now he had  long shaggy greasy hair that had not obviously been washed in a while.

There was plates everywhere and he was sat on the floor in his boxers and a vest (not a good look) after trying to speak to him and getting no response for about 15 minutes we gave up and left.All off us in quite a bit of shock as to what we just saw.

A couple of weeks later John was taken out  of school and we were told he was being home tutored but in the back of our minds we all knew that he still probably hadn’t left his room.

That was the last i saw of my old friend john ive since tried to find him on facebook and twitter but didnt have any luck i hope he got himself cleared up and out of that room.

Maybe the moral of all of this isn’t to go rushing to your children and ripping the controller out of their hands and locking up the console i think it’s just keep an eye on how much they play and maybe pout the console somewhere were they can be monitored and where they can’t shut the curtains to make it darker, like the living room or (if you have a big enough house) a playroom.

Anyway hope i havent just ruined some kids chances of playing on there xbox tomorrow night 🙂

Catch ya later 😀