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Good times June 20, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Fun Stuff!, general stuff.

So this week hasn’t been the best week ever what with my last post but you have to focus on the positive things in life don’t you so here’s the post that was supposed to be written when I got back from sunny old Wales!

Ok firstly before we went away me and emma went to something called a conversation with heston which was amazing we learned all about his past, ideas for the future and just stuff in general. We were glued to our (front row) seats for a solid 90 minuets whilst this legend talked to us.

I tried to take loads of pictures but the lighting was awful and plus I only realised at the end that I had been taking them on the VGA setting so the quality was also awful!

And then came Wales.

We set off for north Wales near enough as soon as I got in from work on the Friday (as you can tell it was a little last minute) and arrived at about 9:30 which wasn’t bad.

We got the key for our caravany thing and ventured off to find it. When we did find it we wernt impressed ! It was small, smelt funny and there was rubbish in the cupboard so first thing next morning I went on a mission!

I stepped into reception and vented my anger in the direction of a poor receptionist and quite quickly got an upgrade …….*result* hehe.

So with our new palace-like caravany thing we were happy. And went of exploring the local towns etc and also the beach.
The town we spent the most time in was called Rhyl which was a really nice seaside town with plenty of shops and fun things to do. And when we returned we went on the beach which was about 75 steps from our caravany thing!

After about an hour of beach events such as sand castle making and paddling we made our way back but oli decided he wanted one last paddle so ran into a large puddle swiftly followed by emma shouting “oli get back here!”

The next scene of events nearly killed me through laughter!

Emma ran in after him lost both flip flops then grabbed a very wet oli turned and screamed “aaaaaaah jellyfish” she didn’t know where to turn she got her flip flops and tried to run away but lost them again so left them screaming at me to get them and being met by my reply of “hell no you just said jellyfish your on your own” still whilst laughing a lot *snigger*

After that we just chilled out on and around the park.
It was really good to get away and just what we both needed!

So there you have it folks a more upbeat post about happy/good times.

Oh and yesterday I finally got an iPhone thanks to my lovely OH hehe and I’ve just written this while post on it yaaaaay iPhones hehe anyway cheers for all of your kind words in the past few days.