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Boys & Toys October 18, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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I love seeing the way Oli is growing up and how his toy style is changing. I admit shaking a rattle constantly for 5 months was boring. He then went to a stage where everything including my slippers were fun to play with. I remember having these visions of baby born , football in hand a few days later. Not only do babies have to grow for 9 months where the only kicking that goes on is inside his Mother’s tummy , they have another 9 months where they learn to get to grips with this new world they’ve been introduced too.

Thankfully Oli’s now at the toddler stage where he’s discovered toys and how much fun different toys can be.

He’s at the right where we will be buying him learning toys such as the vtech vsmile , which he wont quite realise is a learning toy until he’s learnt. Like my cunning thinking?
I like the way some of these toys are built to be fun but are actually teaching them a thing or two, who needs Daddy to teach ABC’s when that talking Thomas can do it instead!

It wont be long before we are both playing with transformers figures and kicking that ball around the park.

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