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The clear, the white and the purple! June 5, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in reviews.
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I recently got offered some Wilko sun cream for kids to review to which i happily accepted and to my surprise when it arrived there was not just one container of sun cream but three!

Sun care products

First to grab my attention was a blue bottle that was aloe vera after sun gel which when i opened it was a clear gel, the next bottle that i opened was the SPF 6 sun lotion (for adults & older children) which was your average white cream.

Then i spotted the bottle of sun cream for kids and as i opened it up what was i greeted with not clear, not white but purple….yes purple sun cream!

Purple sun cream!

i wasnt the only one to get excited about it as i squirted some out onto my hand Oli came rushing over and let out a squeal of excitement.

Now im going to be totally honest with you i did fear that oli was going to look like a little alien running around bt as soon as i started to rub this purple gel in it went clear and blended in to the skin!

As we have been having some really hot weather recently it has really come in handy. usually Oli is really fussy about having sun cream (or pretty much anything for that matter) he usually wiggles about and tries to run away. but with the purple sun cream he was fixated on it going on to his skin (which belive me made things sooo much easier)

The adult sun cream also played its part last week. With my job i spend quite a bit of time outside (checking over cars etc) and what with the recent burst of sun ive had to slap some sun cream on.

Now i did already have some sun cream but upon opening the Wilko sun cream i could instantly tell just by the smell that this was better stuff. Then when applying i didn’t get the usual stickiness, it went on and blended in well.

Now because im cautious i tend to use after sun after really hot days even if i dont think ive but so upon applying the aloe vera after sun i could tell i had slighty burned but the after sun started soothing straight away!

I would advise buying these products to anyone with or without children! the purple sun cream almost ended up being used on me i enjoyed it that much! 🙂