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Capping Housing Benefit October 28, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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I don’t like dipping into politics as I don’t know a great deal about it but when I saw this article get published I just couldn’t help but agree with it!

David Cameron Announced plans to enforce a £400 a week limit on housing benefit payments given out to people entitled. The current limit is a whopping £1,000 a week for a four bedroom house and an even bigger £2000 a week payout for a 5 bedroom! untill this article was published I had no idea  that there were those sorts of limits in place.

I’m not ashamed to admit I am entitled to housing benefit and gratefully receive it (but I am trying hard to work to get to a wage where I wont need it anymore!) but to put a better picture on it I live in a 2 bedroom house and receive less than £80 a month. I work hard for a living and earn an honest “modest” wage which is enough to keep the cupboards moderately full and the bill receivers at bay but I just need that little bit extra to square everything up!

Theres an old saying that is “if you can’t afford it you can’t have it” (I say old saying it might just be something my mum used to tell me!) which I think comes into play here ( I know im slightly contradicting myself here but I feel if you only need a small amount then surely that’s ok, it’s not that I can’t afford the rent I can easily pay that it’s just with all of the added bills it does become a little tight) but yeah surely if you need somewhere in the region of over £500 a week to help with rent payments then should you really be living there? are you not “punching above your weight” with your house?

I guess really more than anything im bitter that like I said I work hard for a living and pay my taxes and what for? so someone who could quite possibly be in the same financial situation as me to live in a bigger house? there’s something not quite right about that!

I would love to be able to live in a £8000 a month house and have it paid for by someone else well actually scratch that no I wouldn’t because at the moment I have a sense of pride about being able to pay 99% un helped! but the thought of not having to worry about rent payment is a nice one! 🙂

There are people who have legitimate reasons for claiming housing benefit and this is no way a rant about those in fact I encourage the benefit system where it is needed! but really £1000 a week (sorry im still getting over the shock of learning this)

I also feel that Keeping the old limits offers no incentive for people receiving it that aren’t in work to go back to work, well would you want to go back to work and risk loosing it?

Phew I think that’s the rant over! let me know what you think about it 😀


My Tuesday Rant! October 5, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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This post was yesterday going to be called “monday moan” but after kickboxing last night I was just so tired it turned into todays post and well as I can’t think of anything that goes with Tuesday so yeah bear with me!

My first Rant is about a very popular supermarket that I visited yesterday (im not sure about the laws involved in saying company names when complaining) and whilst browsing around I came across a really nice superman hoodie and as winter has been creeping up on us pretty much since July I thought it would be a good idea to buy it (that and it was reduced to £8….bargin!)

So with that we grabbed some stuff for tea and arrived at the self-service check out (we tend to use these as they are generally quicker and you don’t have to engage in mindless small talk) <— god I really am ratty today! 🙂

So im scanning things through, as I am useless at packing and I scan the hoodie last and put it in the bag like the machine said. I then blew the dust of my debit card and put it into the machine. After a couple of minutes everything was paid for and I was happy!

Emma then reminded me that i needed to get the security tag taken off the hoodie so I got the attention of the “help” lady and she took the hoodie of me and looked at me and said “can I have the receipt” it was at this point I turned to the machine to grab it and it hadn’t printed one out!

Now I have worked in supermarkets before and have faced very similar situations and quickly resolved them by doing a number of a couple of things (re printing receipts etc). It seems on this occasion this was not the case as when I said I didn’t have the receipt this woman was ready to lock me up and throw away the key!

She stood there for a couple of seconds (which felt like hours) and stared at me blankly. Then broke the silence by nervously saying “I, im going to have to get someone to help”  it was like I had threatened her with gun or something I mean it wasnt even my fault the bloody machine hadn’t printed a receipt!

So she went off to call for what seemed like emergency assistance and along came a manager with what seemed like the same panic-stricken attitude as the original woman!! she looked at me and automatically assumed I was trying to steal the hoodie! she then said that she needed to check the back logs for which items where scanned on that till and that she had to investigate why it didn’t come up as security alert when scanned (this is obviously because im a master criminal).

So off she went to see if she could solve the worlds worst theft mystery! So Emma, Oli and Myself where left sat next to the till where the unspeakable had happened pondering on how hard prison life actually is!

After about 10 minutes the lady came back ( I think she was some sort of supervisor) with the same worried face she had when she left so I walked over and she said “I’m going to have to get the manager” the manager??!!?? I mean it’s an £8 hoody for crying out loud! why not take a chance on me! shop with the big blue sign!

So after again arguing my case and 100% failing to convince them that none of this was my fault she went off to find the boss!

Now I can only assume that the “big boss” of Tes….the shop with the big blue sign lives in a big “batman like” cave surrounded by fire, large 2 headed dogs and a small army of robots as this women took ages to get him and when she did she was very out of breath and sweating!

Eventually after about 25 minutes of waiting (in total) the Supervisor gave the all clear to the check out lady and you could instantly see the relief on her face it was like she had learned that hypothetical gun I was holding to her for this hoodie turned out to be a hypothetical water pistol filled with vodka!…….. it was really that amazing!

She then untagged the item gave it to me with the biggest relieved smile on her face and said goodbye as we left she gave the security guard the nod and we le……hold on yeah! she actually nodded at the security guard to say we could go!   I mean good golly miss molly! really was that really necessary? I would understand if I had gone in wearing a balaclava and had stuffed a load of things in a bag! but for a machine that didn’t print my receipt? i began to get the feeling that security exercises werent often in there!

So after we had left I was driving home and it was only then that I had realised that they hadn’t given me a bloody receipt! after all of that!

So there you have my Monday moan that was about 24 hours late 🙂

Phew rant over!…..for now 🙂