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My Bed Tries To Hurt Me! September 18, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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Everyone loves a big bed with a nice bouncy mattress and I am in no way different I just wish I had one!

Now don’t get me wrong I do have a bed me and Emma have a nice looking double bed with a pine headboard but nice looking is about as far as it goes.

We got it about 14 months ago and I remember the day well.

I was really excited as I love that “new bed feel” all springy but soft at the same time and this bed was no different once i had managed to get it upstairs followed by the mattress I then figured out where it would look best in the bedroom (although as I am a man this was of course wrong). I then threw a fresh quilt over it chucked a couple of pillows on and it was beautiful!

As a few months went by the sleep continued to be as beautiful as it was from the start but then one fateful day I had to reach to get some thing from the top of the airing cupboard and was stood on the bed trying to reach it when “CRACK!” after falling of and nearly catching my head on the chest of draws I quickly examined underneath the mattress the wood has nearly broken in half!

Once i had put the mattress back on to see how it looked there was an obvious dip on my side if the bed. it wasnt too bad to sleep on it didn’t cause a large amount of discomfort but it was defiantly noticeable.

After another couple of months of sleeping on a slope I started to notice something poking me. Yes the springs were coming through the mattress! now this was quite uncomfortable!

The last thing you want poking you in bed is a spring! 😉

So trying to lie around the springs slowly puts the mattress out of shape and now it looks more like a small mountain range than a mattress!

I know what your thinking and yes it probably did contribute but I probably shouldnt go into that on here 😉

Also im guessing that a lot of you are thinking “why don’t you just go out and buy a new one?” well have you seen the prices of beds and mattress’ these days?? im sure they were like £5 when I was a kid. Now you can get a half decent one for as cheap as £100…….. haha yeah right!

My Dream Bed

We have talked about saving up for a new one but every time we start to another financial crisis comes up and we have to sort that out (im pretty sure im not o my own with this).

So when I go to bed now I face the wrath of the springs, the fear of falling of the sloped mattress and going through broken wood!

I’m beginning to think my bead may be dying a slow and painful death. I guess I should start saving for a new one! Cue the next financial crisis!