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Man Flu September 20, 2010

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The title pretty much speaks for its self for this post but its something that invades my household on a regular basis!

It might all start with that much-needed trip to the park or maybe a visit to see some friends, you wont know it straight away you might even survive for a week before that first cough/sneeze/cold sweat etc these are all symptoms of the nasty disease that is manflu!

Now a lot of you will know that having young children pretty much entitles you to catch every contagious illness going and man flu is no different. The current case (yeah I know im a soldier im battling through to blog about it) started about 4 days ago when one of Oli’s friends got a red nose and a bad case of the sniffles.

Typical Man Flu Germs

A day later and i am playing with Oli on the floor and to my horror what do I see?….. a red and runny nose! it was then that I knew that there was no chance of me avoiding it. Over the next couple of days oli got a slight cough and gave a sneeze now and again which wasnt too bad considering some of the man flu cases we have had in the past!

So like a fool i tricked myself into thinking “oh it wont be that bad” how wrong I was!.

It was saturday at about 13:18 (I remember it well) and as I get up to get a drink from the kitchen I notice my joints are a little achy but again like the fool I am I just kidded myself and blamed it on “sleeping funny”. A little while later Oli was trying to attack our blinds (the things hanging in the windows not the people who live round the corner who can’t see) I went to say “No Oli bad!” but as I finished the phrase what can only be described as a dogs bark like cough left my mouth!

It was at this point I knew this wasnt going to be an easy man flu case like originally thought! as the day progressed the cough got worst & at about 17:37 I let out an almighty sneeze!

After being nursed by Emma (by nursed I mean she made tea, cleaned the house and dealt with oli) we watched a film and went to bed. The next morning I felt wonderful! all of my pains had gone I didn’t feel tired and I had a strange sence of goodness about life!…..and then the dream ended and I woke myself up by coughing.

I felt dreadful! my body ached i could barely move without saying ouch, I had coughed that hard I had pulled a muscle in my chest so breathing was a difficult task, my nose had turned into a quick flowing river and my head appeared to have a set of active bumper cars whizzing around inside it!

I dragged myself downstairs and positioned myself on the sofa and lay there feeling sorry for myself whilst Oli ran riot around the living room. Emma came down after a nice 3 hour lie in (yeah see i can be nice) and yeah I was pretty much in the same place…..

Some people say that the only thing that you want to do when your ill is sleep but for me that’s not the case when im ill I find it very difficult to even rest my eyes let alone catch 40 winks!

This then leads on to me being tired and grouchy which when you add the illness is not a good me!

So after my day of feeling sorry for self and being waited on hand and foot I managed to crawl upstairs to my bed (the one that tries to hurt me) I then toss and turn for a while and eventually fall asleep.

To which brings me to this morning now unfortunately I have just had a week off work and today is the day we have an auction so the likelihood of having a sick day is pretty much slim to none. So like the trooper I have been so far…… I grabbed my work trousers ironed my shirt (badly) and headed off.

Strangely being busy sort of took my mind off being ill! although in the back of mind I knew that my nose was 2 seconds from becoming that river again! so I sniffed my way through they popping paracetamol as I went and made it home!

So here I am finishing this post and I can honestly say im on the mend I know its been a struggle and that im not in the clear yet but the finish is in sight!

So there you have it my latest experience with the “deadly” man flu of course now Emma has a cough but I just say that’s women flu which compared is a breeze! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my ever so slightly exaggerated post on my illness!