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Whats in your fridge? June 9, 2010

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I recently visited a friend who works for a food delivery company and as i was leaving he asked if i wanted anything out of his fridge at first i thought this was a bit of an odd question but when i opened it up i was greeted by bottles of milk, tubs of butter pasties, microwave burgers, cheese, cheese spread and there was just packs and packs of the stuff!

It was obvious he was getting it from work (What a great perk!) and it didn’t stop there he took me through to his conservatory where he had crates of energy drinks, milkshakes ready to go into the fridge, squash, juice and lots more!

Safe to say i was taking him up on his offer! i came away with: –

  • 3 packs of bacon
  • 2 packs of sausages
  • a crate of energy drink (about 40 cans)
  • 3 packs of squirty cheese
  • 3 packs of cheese spread
  • 1 pack of cheese
  • 5 pepporarmies
  • 6 microwavable snacks
  • 2 pints of milk
  • 2 milkshakes

Not bad for free eh?

So now he’s offered his services when ever i need anything! how good is that! and theres so much more he can get like bread, eggs etc.

So after coming home with my bags of goodies i went about putting them in the fridge & freezer and its only when i stood back and had a look i realised how much stuff he had given me! take a look for yourself!

Haha see its a lot!

Now im trying to do this post so it doesnt sound like a meme as that wasnt the idea behind it! but if you feel the urge to announce how your fridge is looking then dont fight it let the world know if yours looks as strange as mine! πŸ™‚ or if you have a super healthy lettuce leaf and bottle of water type fridge πŸ™‚

Just on a quick random note you would not belive how long it has taken me to write this post! damn Coronation Street! and your twisted distractions! even though in the back of my mind i knew what was going to happen i still felt i had to watch it oh and wait gail has just been found…….(writing this in real-time lol)………OH YOUR JOKING im sure they were supposed to announce that tonight oh well that just spoilt the lot i was half expecting to see Tony sat in the jury! haha anyway enough random ramblings from me hope you have enjoyed and if not ~(and you have a blog about finding the right dentist??? yeah strange i know) then you can shove your comments up your arse! πŸ™‚

Happy days


A weekend to remember! May 23, 2010

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This weekend was the weekend that we had both Urbanvox (http://urbanvox.net/wordpress) & Glowstars (http://glowstars.net) to stay with Mr A and what a great weekend it was! (blimey how many times can someone say the word weekend in one sentence)

With the weekend being like the hottest ever it got off to a flying start as we decided on a bbq for all off us so in the morning me and Emma got up and ventured out to battle the crowds to get some meat for the bbq and after a quick trip to morrisons, haircut and shower we were ready go! luckily Glowstars & Urbanvox were due to arrive at about 7ish so that gave us time to do a mass blast of the housework (as emma wanted them to think we live in an incredibly tidy house! ha)

Just as i was putting the last bowl from the washing up away there was a knock at the door and as i opened it in jumped Glowstars bursting for the toilet, not even time for hello’s! After hauling the bags in i fired the bbq up with plenty of lighting fluid and self lighting bricks…….didnt that go up well!

So we put the kids to bed and began was to be a night of laughter and loonyness, it started off fairly normal got the food and alcohol 0n the go and from there we got maybe a little merry! (well me andΒ  Urbanvox anyway we only brought the lady’s one bottle of wine πŸ™‚ ) and for some unknown reason i thought lets play on the trampoline!

It was about 11:30 – 12:00 and Urbanvox has grabbed his camera and were trying to do the cool air shots like you see on tv. First Emma & Glowstars tried it and their pittyful attempt of jumping about 1 foot off the ground failed and then it was my go!

i was really that afraid of jumping high, that was untill i remembered i built the thing and had a few nuts and bolts left over! but never the less i had alcohol inside me so that conquered all i gave it my all and got some good shots out of it (they will be uploaded when i receive them)

So after about a good 40 mins bouncing away we were all pretty much exhausted! and sat back down to have some more drinks! (by this point the ladies were drinking southern comfort and coke) and after some more banter and laughing away we decided to call it a night.

The next morning i was a little zombie like but i soon perked up as we were of to the NEC for the baby show!

After a cappuccino we were all ready to go! so we set off onto the motorway and all was going well untill we hit junction 6 it was when we got there we hit gridlock traffic what with everyone trying to get to the same place but after about 30-40 we arrived safe and sound and made our way into the NEC.

After a quick subway lunch we ventured into the baby show and were thankfully greeted not only by air con but by (using twitter names! :D) @Cheshire_Claire (http://www.cheshiremum.co.uk), and from there went on to meet @Cosmicgirlie (http://mochabeaniemummy.blogspot.com), @LvanO (http://www.diaryofafirstchild.com), @Bumbling Tweets (http://bumblingalong.wordpress.com) & @Porridgebrain (http://www.sleepisfortheweak.org.uk). If ive missed anyone sorry! its my short term memory! πŸ™‚

So after meeting all of those lovely people we began mooching/bargain hunting and got freebies thrown at us from all directions which was amazing! πŸ˜€ and after a good 3 hours of wandering around trying things left right and centre we had covered nearly all of it and bumped back into LvanO and Bumbling Tweets so had coffee and cake.

It was then one last blast through incase we had missed anything and as we were we bumped into Cosatto_Tweets (http://babystuffwithpersonality.blogspot.com) and had a great conversation with her although she did seem a little taken back by us all being there! but she’s such a nice person!

By now we were all pretty tired so decided to head off and after a quick drink we parted ways and set off for home! All in all it was a great weekend and a really got Sunday at the baby show, not only did we get a bargain or two i met some really nice people. Cant wait to meet you all again! :D.