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Im a ninja! September 16, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Fun Stuff!, general stuff.
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So again another blog flash back or “blogback” as I like to call them.

*A quick apology to say there’s no pics in this one but as soon as I have some I will post some :)*

This time to 2 weeks ago when, on my lunch at work I’m browsing the internet to pass the time and I come across an advert at the top of one of the web pages.

Now I don’t usually take much notice of adverts but this one caught my attention quite well.

It was for a company based in London advertising kickboxing training and after a few clicks I was on there website reading away about the benefits of learning kickboxing.

Well I have to say I was impressed just after reading the intro! It started a little something like this…….”are you looking to get fit? More confident? Do you want sharper reactions and a skill that will stay with you for life?” now by this point I was screaming yes!! Yes I do to all of those things!

It was only at this point I realised this company was in London so I went about looking for something more closer to home and after another few minutes of browsing I found a company that operates in the town I live in! Result!!

The company was called MSD and after a brief look at there we site for prices locations etc I was emailing Emma telling (asking) her that I wanted to go!

Thankfully she liked the idea and agreed we could afford the monthly payments of around £50.

The next available session was a week after I had discovered it due to the bank holidays so I counted down the days until it finally came!

I arrived with a colleague (minion) from work dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt ready to fight!

But what I was taught in the 1st 15 minutes is that there is so much more to it than just fighting and fitness was a big issue!

So to warm up my trainer Steve turned to me and calum and said “right I want 500 punches swapping arm half way through” I just laughed as this was clearly a joke……….it wasn’t a joke.

After my first session was over my trainer told me we had done about 5000 punches and. 3000 kicks so as you can imagine I was physically drained! But my god didn’t it feel good!!! 🙂

After another two sessions I have learned about self discipline, more fitness (it does get easier) and we have started to lightly spar. It has provided me with more than I expected and that was just the free trial!

Emma hasn’t come to watch me yet so no pictures as of yet but soon I promise :).

I would recommend this to absolutely everyone as it doesn’t matter how big, small, large or tall you are everyone benefits from it!

I’m hoping to start doing my belts and working up the rankings but like i said there’s a lot to learn and take in so just taking it one step at a time!

Like I said it could easily suit most people and I would urge anyone even just thinking about it to go to just one lesson (as the first is usually free) and experience it as I’m 99% sure you will be back for the 2nd lesson! 🙂