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The trouble a Cookie in a box kit can get you in. September 15, 2010

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Ok now I know its been about 4 months since I last blogged and I apologise for that although I did have my reasons! one of the biggest being only having one laptop in the house to which methemanandthebaby uses a lot for uni work and blogging etc and there is only so many blogs you can write on an iphone as it doesn’t let you upload pictures or video’s to it.

But now after a few months of rest (or laziness which ever you like) im back! and hopefully to stay now im not going to promise a blog a day but im sure I can stick to a blog every other or every couple of days! ūüôā

I should really write about everything¬†I’ve¬†been¬†up to¬†since I last blogged but if I did that then this could quite¬†possibly¬†be the longest post ever written!

so over the next couple of posts you may see a few blog flash backs just to keep you up to date with the goings on in my life!

So for today’s post I will take you back a little bit but not too far I think it was the week before last!

I was food shopping for something for tea when I get a text from¬†Emma¬†saying “get me stuff to make cookies with” so as im wandering round our local supermarket thinking what will she need?? and I find myself next to the “just add water packets”.

So me being me i picked up a flavour i though i would enjoy and ventured home with my ready to bake cookie kit and stuff for chicken enchiladas. when i got through the door I was bombarded with questions like “what did you get for tea” “did you get coke” & “why have you still got your shoes on?”. ¬†after i had answered all of them (and taken my shoes off) I pulled out the ready to bake cookie mix……..she wasnt happy!

apparently¬†its a form of cheating! and¬†doesn’t¬†taste as nice as when you bake them yourself! but nevertheless i managed to¬†persuade¬†her to use it. After we had eaten dinner Emma¬†disappeared¬†into the kitchen (whilst still cursing me for buying it) and began making the cookies.

After about 15 minutes she reappeared still scowling at me (but smelling quite nicely of cookie dough!)  and told me that they would be ready in about 20 minutes.

So after a quick go on Final Fantasy (I’m¬†massively¬†into it at the moment!) the cookies were taken out of the oven. As i was about to grab and devour one i was told they have to cool down………i felt like a small child waiting for them. i even¬†considered¬†stealing one when she¬†wasn’t¬†looking and running to the bedroom to eat it!

after another quick blast on FF i saw Em dissapear into the kitchen and shout “there ready!” like a shot i jumped off the sofa and ran to grab one.

I can honestly say they were AMAZING!  soft and chewy etc everything you want from a cookie!

Emma still wasnt impressed but deep down i know she enjoyed them! ūüôā

i¬†haven’t¬†been allowed to buy them again since and Em has made her own batch a couple of times and although they are really yummy………there is just something about the packet mix that tickles my taste buds more! (it’s probably some chemicals or something!)

So my question is, is using packet cookie mix cheating? and is there a recipe out there that can trump a certain famous ladies boxed cookie mix if so can you let either me or Me, The Man And The Baby know!

Also im available for cookie tasting if you wish to send them to me ūüôā


So there you have it my first blog of many more to come! including….. The Mads , Social Services, Butlins, Citroen DS3 Dsport, and much much more ūüôā