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The crash October 11, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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Now I think we all knew that it was inevitable that i was going to eventually write about it ive just had to wait for the whiplash to ease (thanks to the pills the Doc gave me) and for the burn on my hand to get a little better before I could type.

So it was Wednesday evening and Emma and I couldn’t decide what to have for tea tossing between the ideas of either chicken curry or spaghetti bolognaise.

Curry would mean going to Morrison’s to get diced chicken and the sauce we like, and spaghetti would mean going to co-op to get mince and garlic bread. Now incase you’re wondering why I couldn’t go to co-op for the curry it’s because co-op don’t do diced chicken or the curry sauce we like.

We decided on curry and at about 7:40 I remembered Morrison’s shuts at 8:00 on most week days so I quickly got my shoes on kissed oli an emma goodbye and set off. I got into the car reversed off the drive and away I went! the trip to Morrison’s isn’t an unusual one nor a non familiar one ive driven it for the past 4 years and walked it for about the past 10!

Its only about a mile down the road with a few curves and the odd round about oh and a couple of speed lowering zones (traffic calming) and it would be these that would be the end of my poor car!

So ive gone over the first round about and im approaching the first traffic calming zone and had to give way to about two cars before I could go through and then I went on my merry way happily singing along to meatloaf as I went. Next comes the interesting bit.

I approached the second traffic calming zone and as I got close a inpatient car whipped through at speed I changed down a gear to slow down for him and as soon as he was out-of-the-way I started to drive through but as I did a 4×4 came hootleing through and we hit head on.

This was possibly one of the most scariest moments of my life so far. I remember certain details just before the collision I remember looking through her window and seeing her face just before we collided it wasnt a face of “oh crap” but more of a face of “whats he doing coming through” mine on the other probably told a whole different story.

I remember me being between a quarter and half the way through before the crash, I also remember that everything seemed to go in slow motion just for a split few seconds right up untill we actually collided and even though everything seemed to be slow I was powerless to do anything I couldn’t even hit the brakes. My final thought before impact was “this is going to end badly”

Then on impact I raised my right hand to shield my face whilst keeping my left hand on the wheel. I got jolted forwards and instantly felt the airbags forcing me back, I didn’t realise it at the time but my airbag had burnt skin of my hand. After my car had span around and my body was back in the same place I got myself together, I then managed to force my door open as it was a little jammed and climbed out, i was followed by a smoke trail coming from the freshly deployed airbags. I rushed over to the driver’s door of the 4×4 and frantically asked if the female passenger was ok.

I had to ask a couple of times before i got a response and I thought that it was just shock but it soon became clear that she couldn’t understand much of what I was saying because she was Polish.

Now please don’t get me wrong i have absolutely nothing against Polish people or any other foreign people in fact I have a fair few Polish and foreign friends but it just didn’t help the situation that we couldn’t understand each other.

So after getting a yes from her i went to inspect the damage on my car. On first sight i could have actually cried (i will try to describe this as best I can). The first thing I saw was the mashed windscreen where the passenger airbag had gone off, I then got drawn to the bonnet which on one side was all crumpled and the other had been completely taken back, The drivers side-wheel had been pushed o par back it was near the pedals and the car its self was just in a terrible state.

It didn’t really occur to me at the time but I was very lucky to escape with what I did as it could have been a lot worse for me, even the police and fire crew couldn’t believe how lucky I had been

At the time I wasnt really thinking about th “what ifs” I was more concentrating that the lady was ok and that no other traffic was going to come speeding along and crash. soon after the ambulance, Police and fire crew turned up and questions were asked about how it happened and the like which I was more than happy to answer.

I then called Emma telling her not to worry and that I had been in a little car crash but I was fine, but of course she was going to come down. I then phoned my mum saying the same as she sorts out my insurance and stuff and well im sure she would have wanted to know.

When they arrived they both did the same thing……cry and hug me! which was nice and sort of what I needed.

The police then asked if there was anything of value I needed from the car it was only then I opened up the driver’s door and saw the mess that was my dashboard and windscreen.

As you can see it wasnt pretty both airbags gone off, no mirror, or sun visor on the left side the force made my cigarette lighter fly out and also a dial for my fans.

It really did hit home how lucky i had been after witnessing this properly.

So after whipping everything out and laying it on the grass I made my official statement to the police and was told I could go. The polish lady had already gone as she needed an interpreter so didn’t need to go I till the next day.

I then made my wy back to my moms with emma and oli.

So that’s about it like I said possibly the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Fo now im just letting the insurance companies deal with it although bizarrely enough she hasn’t contacted hers yet and she had a much nicer car than I did! so I can only but wait and see what happens although I am fairly confident what with it being my right of way and all.

I also wont lie after getting a lift this morning it has affected me as usually I am quite calm whilst other people drive (ive been in some mad drivers cars) but this morning even as we were traveling at 40 in a 60 I could feel my feet pressing those invisible brake pedals and my hands clutching the seat im sure in time this will pass and I will be back to normal.

I have tried not to think of the what ifs as i know they will get me down and upset but sometimes its just impossible im so glad I was on my own in the car as im not sure what I would have done if OliĀ  or Emma had been there.

I also suffered terrible whiplash over the next couple of days and also bruised my collarbone! but at least im still alive!

Oh and I never did get my chicken!