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Lifes many questions and not so many answers June 15, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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Todays post was supposed to be a happy one about my recent adventures to Wales and also when i went to see Heston but i woke yesterday morning and checked out facebook (how you do) and saw a message that literally stopped me in my tracks i almost fell to the ground when i read it.

it was just a simple wall message from of my friends to another so nothing unusual about that but as i read the comment i began to realise this wasnt just any old message and my deepest fear was confirmed when the message ended in “i hope you rest in peace”. I couldn’t talk I could barely even move I managed to click onto her FB page and saw a load of other similar messages and my heart sank and a tear ran down my cheek.

Before i even saw concrete evidence it already became apparent she was no longer with us. I got as far as a comment from her  brother stating she had died on saturday whilst in Thailand with no specific details apart from thanking people for the kind messages.

After leaving my own little message (it wasnt a lot as i was still in shock) I finalised my getting ready for work routine and set off. After about 5 minutes of driving my mind started to wonder and of course I began thinking about her, I began thinking about all of the things we had talked about and all the things i wish I could say to her now like how she is such a great friend and how I often took her for granted and that im also sorry i never got the chance to say goodbye before she left for Thailand.

I first met her when i worked at a garden centre near where i live and we got off to a great start just chatting away about everything.

From then on we became near enough best friends! although there was a period where we didn’t we only communicated via txt/msn just because our lives where too hectic to meet up but we managed to catch each other now and again.

The biggest regret i have about her is not saying goodbye when she left to go traveling, this is because A. I hate saying goodbyes and B. she broke her phone so she didn’t get my text saying it anyway.

and now I guess it’s too late to say ” see ya later have a great time!” the only time I have to say goodbye now is when she is lay in a coffin at the front of a church.

previously i have said that i was a believer of the belief that everything happens for a reason but this has now put a great deal of doubt in that as how can anyone justify taking someone like Becky she never did anything bad towards anyone!

So as much as it hurts every time something reminds me of her i know life has to go on but she will always have a place in my head where i will remember the good times we had!

RIP Becky Callaghan