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Dont you love it when a plan comes together! July 1, 2010

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Remember the other day I told you about the old bloke that that was shouting down the phone at me and calling me names?
Well the next day it pretty much happened again except this time is was a large Irish gentleman shouting at me insisting that we had damaged a car he had brought before his delivery company picked it up. Which just wasn’t possible!

His name was Bernard and his argument was that he had brought the car in good condition and when it arrived it had damage to it’s bumper and front grill (leading to think that it has gone into something.

I straight away insisted it was the transport company he used and that it was in good condition when it left me. Which he didn’t take very well saying that had been using them for 10 years and had never had any trouble blah blah Irish blah.

The problem I faced was proving my theory right and the fact that the delivery note that had been left by the driver when he picked the vehicle up had been misplaced didn’t help my cause.

So after a good 2 hours arguing via email I got in contact with the transport company they used. And at first they couldn’t be more helpful saying they would look into it and question the driver etc………well didn’t I fall for that one! After an hour of hearing nothing I phoned up and got a very rude man on the phone swearing his head off and calling me all sorts. The man turned out to be the owner of the company Liam.

He eventually agreed to send me a copy of the delivery note which he said the damage was marked on and my yard man had signed for.

Now anyone who uses fax machines will know that 99% of the time you will never get a good copy especially if there is a lot of information on the page and this was no different.

After receiving the fax I began to make heads and tails of it slowly making out the writing and trying to figure out what damage he had marked on (they tend to use code) but it was just to hard.

I then asked for the original copy to be sent to me with the promise of it’s return. To which I was greeted with a swift “no!!” which lead me to believe they where hiding something!

So with threats flying at me left and right from both companies I asked someone else to help me with my cause who sent an email trying to explain we could not entertain there complaint as it was quite obviously the transporter that had done the damage!

This didn’t go down very well either in fact it just made them more mad!
I was beginning to run out of options and if I didn’t sort something out soon we were going to either have to buy the car back of them or pay for the damage! (of course I didn’t let on this to them)

So as a last resort I got my minions in the office and had them tare it apart looking for the delivery note that was left (we had looked previously but with no luck) and after 30 minutes of ripping draws apart and rummaging through filing cabinets I heard the two words that made my day “found it!”

Now in front of me I had a clear colour delivery note and when I looked at it I couldn’t stop smiling I was able to crack the damage code and there wasn’t a single thing about the bumper or grill!

You see the copy they had sent me had a diagram that was really unclear and it was that diagram I needed to crack the code as each bit of damage they had put was represented by a number which corresponded to a part of the car to which this diagram shows! I then collected all of the evidence and made that very important phone call!

I’m not ashamed to admit it I actually built up bernards hopes before coming down upon him like a ton of bricks! Hitting him with all of the facts and even scanning (yes scanning something the Irish are yet to catch on to) our release note proving it he went very quiet and well actually I didn’t wait for his reply I simply ended on ” I know trust you are capable of sorting out this issue with yourself, I would like to be notified by lunchtime next Thursday (today) that the problem is sorted and so that we can address your account that is now currently on hold” yeah he didn’t really like that either.

I then had about the same conversation with the transport company and do you know what when I told Liam I had found our delivery note with the diagram on it he actually said “oh damn” he knew I was right all along! What a knob!

But after I had made those two phone calls I sat back in my chair ordered Calum to make coffee and smiled the rest of the afternoon away!

So lunchtime today came and up popped an email from Bernard saying that the problem had now been resolved and he everything was fine to which I replied ” I’m glad to hear that but I’m afraid your account is still on hold as we take accusations made against the company very seriously and your account is on hold pending a further investigation”
Of course this isn’t the case I could activate it in the click of a button but he put me through a lot of stress so it’s payback time!

One last point before I bore you to death is that I forgot to mention that he actually asked how old I was and I took the greatest amount of pleasure in informing him I was 21 and I was in control hehe.


Silly old men June 24, 2010

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Again this is being written on my iPhone (will the novelty ever where off) hehe.

So the other day I’m at work and it’s a case if same crap different day sort of thing when the phone rings.
I pick it up and say in my usual phone voice “good afternoon auction department Jon speaking” and I was greeted by a man who just by the sound of his voice I could tell was in his late 70s.
It then became clear that this gentleman was called tim from a company who I was dealing with and he didn’t sound happy!

So after a confusing 5 minutes I sort of started to understand what he was dribbling on about it turns out he thought I had sold a car to which I hadn’t and he had gone back to his boss and told him it was sold.
There was confusion because someone had asked me if £19500 would buy the car. So I asked tim the question and he said yea it would.

He obviously wet himself with excitement and thought that meant it was sold. But all it was, was someone showing interest. This he could not understand.

So I’ve got him on the phone and he’s getting madder and madder because I have an answer for everything. And then he snapped and and started calling me names and telling me I was useless etc to which I just stayed quiet and left him to it.

After a further 5 minutes of blaming me for his life problems he stopped and asked me why I had gone quiet and that answer was simply this ” your insults don’t effect me in the slightest as because you are considerably older than me this generally means you will die before me and as your lay in the ground being eaten by worms I will still be young enough to put on my best suit ,gel my hair perfectly, put on my best dancing shoes and do a jolly jig over you!”

Now of course I couldn’t say this to a client so my response was my usual ” leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do”
And you know what I sold that bloody car for £20000.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that did he really have to throw insults at me for 10 minutes over the phone because he cocked up? Nu uh!

Anyway I came out with the last laugh as his boss phoned to thank me and instead if 10 minutes of insults I had 5 minutes of praise and he then said how useless tim was! Result!!

I was a hero shhhh May 25, 2010

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Just a quickie to tell you about the excitement that happened work today!

So we are all sat in the office working away when i realise i need to grab a package from reception so i  make my way out of the office and head to a car and when i do i smell something strange in the air, So i look left and can’t see anything and then i look right and im met with a unit a couple down from us is ablaze!

So i rush into the office to spread the gossip! and we all run outside.

Now im going to tell yu the version  i told Emma and then il tell you the real one.

So i ran outside with my work colleges and noticed a woman and child trapped in the building and so without a thought about my own life i rushed in a saved them! it was only when i had got them both out that she told me that the family pets were still in there, so again i rushed in through the flames as they were licking at my skin and found the 3 cats 2 kittens 1 dog and the guinea pig!

After a quick pause for a breath i ripped off my shirt grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and started to put the flames out whilst not even caring if my six pack got burnt i edged closer to the burning building with the extinguisher getting more and more empty.

With the extinguisher coughing out its last breath of liquid i grabbed a bucket and ran to the lake which was about 20 feet away and began dousing the flames with the bucket of water by the time the fire crew had arrived there was only one room left to extinguish  which they quickly did i then put my emergency shirt on kissed the baby on the head and went back to work and sold a few cars!

ok so heres how it really happened!

Everything up to me getting everyone one outside to look my initial thought was ooooh look a fire and then oh damn the camera is in another building! so i ran (yes ran) to get the camera and took some pictures! although the flames had died down a bit by then.

Then three fire engine arrived and after about an houir put it out. Luckily there was only about 40 cars in there and no people. Although we had gone back in the office bu this point ha.

So yeah that was my excitement today but if emma asks i was the hero! 😀