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My Iphone Vs……..The Nokia N900 October 26, 2010

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Now hopefully I should be posting a few posts like this  not because I don’t like my iPhone but i think that what with technology advancing so quickly its exciting (well for me and the other geeks out there) to see what each phone manufacturer are coming up with to combat the everyday growing sales of the iPhone!

I do obviously understand that the Nokia N900 might not have been released as a rival to the iPhone but i can hardly compare it to a phone I don’t own can I where would be the fun in that 🙂

I got my iPhone 3GS about 3 months-ish ago after pestering Emma for about a year and instantly fell in love with it as it was everything that i expected and wanted although as the saying goes nothing is perfect!

Obviously not everyone wants the same thing when it comes to a mobile phone e.g. Emma has a blackberry as it gives easy access to any email service and twitter etc. But for me the main features for a phone are : –

  • WiFi
  • Email
  • Music
  • Apps
  • Camera
  • Looks

 So with that WOMWORLD agreed to send me a Nokia N900 to trial for a couple of weeks to see what I thought! and on first impressions I can honestly say I was a little scared! 🙂

The last Nokia I owned (and Loved) was my Nokia N95 which i still have in a draw upstairs some were although I think I broke the charging mechanism by dropping it 😦

So yeah back to the point I opened up the box to discover this shiny touch screen staring right back at me. I wasted no time in grabbing it pulling the battery out and throwing my SIM card in. Upon turning it on you get the usual Nokia Welcome (the hands coming together) and then you get the set up guide wich came in handy as I had just dived in at the deep end (because im a man instruction booklets mean nothing to me!)

After the setup I was confronted with a screen that fitted me perfectly! it had links to Email, Twitter and Facebook! I will admit it took me a minute to find the menu and other pages but again this possibly boils down to the whole me man no menu thing!

So after conquering the menu I discovered that the phone works on a scrolling screen basis (this isn’t a professional term it’s actually something I just made up but it sounds pretty good eh?) which is basically where you can have 4 screens that you can scroll between by swiping either left or right. Now this is nothing incredibly new I know that but it is very convenient!

On these four menus you can customise to have what ever you like one of them can be completely devoted to twitter the other one to certain apps etc I had one for social networking, one for App Downloads from Maemo and Ovi , one for regular contacts that I text on a daily basis just for easier access and one for photos (mainly of my car crash).

After customizing the phone to how I liked on the scrolling screens (there it is again!) I went exploring! The phone has a main menu with things like settings, photos ect which is accessed by pressing the little squares in the top left corner to which I discovered the downloads manager.

I was quite excited about this as I had recently heard about Nokia  branching out in the app world with the help of Ovi & Maemo and i was eager to see what it had to offer! I should mention that my iPhone is currently sporting 227 apps so as you can see im a bit of an app addict.

So with that I was quickly downloading different apps such as angry bird & a personal favourite of mine an app that allowed me to have a moving background! yeah I know im easily pleased but it really did make me happy having the matrix moving background on when people had a look! 🙂

I have searched quite hard for an iPhone app to let me do that but as of yet no luck! 😦

Using the pointer makes choosing things nice and easy and gives good accuracy! I will give you a good example of this with an app I recently downloaded on my iPhone it’s all about reactions and trying to do things in a certain time including putting pressure on a dot and releasing the pressure (with your finger) when the dot turns green. Now on the iPhone this was quite difficult as your finger covers a large area and nearly all of the circle so seeing I is difficult and yet using a pointer on the N900 was easy!

Whilst i had the N900 I thought I would try out  the 5MP Camera and I wasnt disappointed I knew from experience that Nokia’s had good cameras and this was no different and the flash came in handy more than you could know! I should add that the phone its self is pretty tough too as it survived my car crash and came away unscathed! and in full working order!

Now back to the flash! oh how ive missed having a flash on a camera phone! obviously after I crashed my car it was dark and I needed to take pictures of the damage and without a flash it would have been quite rubbish!

I really enjoyed being able to use the slide out keyboard not only was it a nice change but it looked pretty good doing it in front of people!

There is a significant difference in size and shape compared to the iPhone which I would say is one of its only downfalls as otherwise its a very good phone!

Overall I would give the Nokia N900 a strong 7/10 as the shape and size is bigger than I would want and the range of apps available is tiny compared to apples app store. 

So Nokia I would like to give you a big well done on what you have done with the N900 it really is a good phone with its own sort of uniqueness! but im afraid this time im sticking with the iPhone! better luck next time 🙂


The Citroen DS3 Sport September 23, 2010

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Now im not going to lie before last week if anyone had said to me “Jon, I think a Citroen would be perfect for you as it is quick, fuel economic and has plenty to brag about” I would have straight out accused them of lying but that’s because I had never experienced a Citroen DS3.

Now being a car salesman I have a certain amount of knowledge on cars anyway and I get to experience some of the nicest (and also some of the not so nicest). So when I was told by Emma that we would be receiving a Citroen I was a little skeptical as the only car I thought would be anywhere near suitable for someone my age and lifestyle would be a Saxo and well they have been around for years.

It was only when she informed me it was something called a DS3 that it got me puzzled and I did some digging.

The first picture I saw of one was a black one with a black roof and it looked very nice!

Although it was only when the car arrived on my drive that I could really appreciate the amazing good looks it supported! I’ve been known in the past to say that black is my favourite colour for a car…well again that all changed when i set eyes on my DS3. Here is what I came home too :

Safe to say upon first impressions I was both impressed and excited!
It has a beautiful modern body shape and the fact it was bright yellow only added to its greatness!
Of course I had to drive it straight away and after positioning myself nicely on the full leather seat I set off and the first thing I noticed was the main display.

The Main Display

This display has a couple of different modes and you can change it to show what you need.
It can show :-

The Sat Nav Directions

This brings up the map and when you have the sat nav set up has an arrow on it you of course can have this mode on when driving without sat nav and it will tell you where you are!

The Music Info

Depending on what music you have playing this display can differ you can have the radio information or the cd information etc it makes it very easy to pick and change stations.

The Fuel Consumption Display

This is a very handy mode as nobody wants to run out of fuel and this tells you exactly how much you have left until empty! It also shows how many miles to the gallon you are doing which is good to know too as it allows you to know how much fuel you will need for specific journeys! This feature allowed us to view that we could easily get 45 mpg which is excellent for a petrol!

Now obviously I was very excited to drive the DS3 so I rushed off without exploring many of the features. After reversing off my drive I put my foot on the accelerator and all I can say it WOW! for such a small car it is mightily fast! It was packing a 1.6 petrol so I didn’t expect it to be slow but the acceleration on it was just phenomenal for the type of car it was.
I only took it around a few local streets and then onto the bypass but even then I noticed that it was also an incredibly smooth ride, I tackled a few speed bumps and a bumpy road and wasn’t in any discomfort for any of it!
When I had arrived back home I had time to explore some more of the features this car had to offer.

On The Inside

Cruise control

I’ve never owned a car with cruise control before and never really used it properly (I’ve played around with it at work) and it’s quite possibly the best feature a modern-day car can come with it makes driving long distances a breeze! We had to drive to Hampshire and fir those that know there roads this includes plenty of motorway action and cruise control allowed me to blast down cruising steadily at 70 without having to you touch the pedals

Speaking of the pedals check these out!

Not only do they look good but they have put you a matching rest pedal (for those times when you are using cruise control! :] )

Next Is The Music Control Stick

This control allows the driver to adjust the volume, change song/radio station, let’s you choose what music source you listen from (radio, cd etc)
This is incredibly convenient as it means the driver doesn’t need to take his/her eyes off the road when changing anything!

The Bluetooth Phone System

This again is being used in a few modern cars these days but I think in the day and age we live in it is a necessity and if you don’t have one then it means going out to buy one and they are not cheap these days and some can be temperamental/confusing but with the DS3 I just connected by phone to the cars Bluetooth and away I went! You get little speakers and mics placed around the car for excellent sound and a clear line. It even gives you a selection of ringtones to choose from! Now I’m not going to lie about the next thing it puzzled me for about an hour and then when I looked in the manual it seemed obvious! It was….

The Built In Air Freshener

Now this is something I’ve never ever seen in a car before (and I’ve seen quite a few) but what a great idea! Once I had figured out what it was and how it worked there was a lovely smell about the car that was enough to be noticed on entry but not overpowering.

The Room For A Car Seat

As you can see there is plenty of room in the back for a car seat (it comes with iso fix too) and when the front passenger seat is in a normal driving position Oli still has lots of room to dangle his legs.

The Temperature Controls

This feature allows the driver or the passenger to adjust not only the temperature but also where the air blows, switching the air con on and off and also the buttons to de-mist the front and rear windscreen. The final part of this feature is that you can set it to auto which adjusts the fans etc for you!

The Sporty Looking Dials

I don’t need to say much about these except for how awesome they look!

Finally The CD Player And Mode Buttons

This is the feature with all of the buttons you can access the setup, the volume, the radio, the cd player etc.
This is also the cd input area and if you can’t decide on what cd to listen to no matter! Just take advantage of the 6 disk cd changer!
If iPods or Mp3 players are more your thing then why not plug yours into the aux port (with an aux cable) and enjoy!

To The Outside!

The DS3 supports some very distinctive features! Which not only make it unique but also the sporty little super mini it’s supposed to be.

The LED Lights

Now obviously the DS3 isn’t the first car to have these lights but my god doesn’t it suit the car is gives the front a fierce look about it. They only come on when the main beams aren’t on which is fine although I do think it would look pretty awesome with both on.

A Great Car Needs Great Alloys

What you are looking at is a gorgeous 17 inch bellome alloy wheel of course the DS3 comes with 4 of them and they look fantastic! (please ignore the dirt in my picture that was my fault :D)
The White alloys go perfectly with the roof which brings me on to my next point.

Contrasting Body/Roof Colour

One of the main features that Citroën offer for the DS3 is that you can have a contrasting body/roof colour. I had yellow and White with White wing mirrors too! And personally (and all of my friends) I think it looked incredible and even though in the past It wouldn’t have been my first choice it’s now definitely up there with my top choices!

Now anyone with children will understand the need for boot space and from the outside you may have your doubts about this car but when it came to putting the pram in I was a bit worried but all of my fears were laid to rest when it just slid in and fitted snuggly!

So that’s it about the physical features now for a bit of technical info!

The car has a top speed of 130 mph and if I had somewhere legal to try to achieve this I have no doubts it would have been easily done!

It does 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds which is amazingly quick for a car like this!

Mine was a 155 bhp petrol (although you can get both lower bhp and a diesel engine)

It’s only little by being 3948 mm in length and 1715 mm in width!

So there you have it there is my review of the Citroën DS3 sport (in bright yellow) I would thoroughly recommend this car to anyone and everyone (as long as you don’t need a people carrier/7 seats! 😀 ) I have really enjoyed my 7 days driving the DS3 and if I had the chance (and the money the version I had retail at about £15,900 but completely worth every penny)

I would like to give massive thanks to Citroen and Performance PR for sending us the Citroen DS3 to try out and review.

The clear, the white and the purple! June 5, 2010

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I recently got offered some Wilko sun cream for kids to review to which i happily accepted and to my surprise when it arrived there was not just one container of sun cream but three!

Sun care products

First to grab my attention was a blue bottle that was aloe vera after sun gel which when i opened it was a clear gel, the next bottle that i opened was the SPF 6 sun lotion (for adults & older children) which was your average white cream.

Then i spotted the bottle of sun cream for kids and as i opened it up what was i greeted with not clear, not white but purple….yes purple sun cream!

Purple sun cream!

i wasnt the only one to get excited about it as i squirted some out onto my hand Oli came rushing over and let out a squeal of excitement.

Now im going to be totally honest with you i did fear that oli was going to look like a little alien running around bt as soon as i started to rub this purple gel in it went clear and blended in to the skin!

As we have been having some really hot weather recently it has really come in handy. usually Oli is really fussy about having sun cream (or pretty much anything for that matter) he usually wiggles about and tries to run away. but with the purple sun cream he was fixated on it going on to his skin (which belive me made things sooo much easier)

The adult sun cream also played its part last week. With my job i spend quite a bit of time outside (checking over cars etc) and what with the recent burst of sun ive had to slap some sun cream on.

Now i did already have some sun cream but upon opening the Wilko sun cream i could instantly tell just by the smell that this was better stuff. Then when applying i didn’t get the usual stickiness, it went on and blended in well.

Now because im cautious i tend to use after sun after really hot days even if i dont think ive but so upon applying the aloe vera after sun i could tell i had slighty burned but the after sun started soothing straight away!

I would advise buying these products to anyone with or without children! the purple sun cream almost ended up being used on me i enjoyed it that much! 🙂