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Capping Housing Benefit October 28, 2010

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I don’t like dipping into politics as I don’t know a great deal about it but when I saw this article get published I just couldn’t help but agree with it!

David Cameron Announced plans to enforce a £400 a week limit on housing benefit payments given out to people entitled. The current limit is a whopping £1,000 a week for a four bedroom house and an even bigger £2000 a week payout for a 5 bedroom! untill this article was published I had no idea  that there were those sorts of limits in place.

I’m not ashamed to admit I am entitled to housing benefit and gratefully receive it (but I am trying hard to work to get to a wage where I wont need it anymore!) but to put a better picture on it I live in a 2 bedroom house and receive less than £80 a month. I work hard for a living and earn an honest “modest” wage which is enough to keep the cupboards moderately full and the bill receivers at bay but I just need that little bit extra to square everything up!

Theres an old saying that is “if you can’t afford it you can’t have it” (I say old saying it might just be something my mum used to tell me!) which I think comes into play here ( I know im slightly contradicting myself here but I feel if you only need a small amount then surely that’s ok, it’s not that I can’t afford the rent I can easily pay that it’s just with all of the added bills it does become a little tight) but yeah surely if you need somewhere in the region of over £500 a week to help with rent payments then should you really be living there? are you not “punching above your weight” with your house?

I guess really more than anything im bitter that like I said I work hard for a living and pay my taxes and what for? so someone who could quite possibly be in the same financial situation as me to live in a bigger house? there’s something not quite right about that!

I would love to be able to live in a £8000 a month house and have it paid for by someone else well actually scratch that no I wouldn’t because at the moment I have a sense of pride about being able to pay 99% un helped! but the thought of not having to worry about rent payment is a nice one! 🙂

There are people who have legitimate reasons for claiming housing benefit and this is no way a rant about those in fact I encourage the benefit system where it is needed! but really £1000 a week (sorry im still getting over the shock of learning this)

I also feel that Keeping the old limits offers no incentive for people receiving it that aren’t in work to go back to work, well would you want to go back to work and risk loosing it?

Phew I think that’s the rant over! let me know what you think about it 😀


A Different Holiday October 27, 2010

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Its been a fair while since ive been abroad on holiday and what with this cold weather we are having at the moment there’s no better time to daydream about being away!

The funny thing is ive done the “go away to a scorching hot place” holiday and yeah its good but I think im, after something different.

ive always been a fan of cold weather (the snow kind) so I think a skiing holiday would be ideal for me!

Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good bit of sun like everyone else but my philosophy on it is when your hot the most you can do is strip off but when your cold you can put as many layers on as you like!

So back to skiing im not a big fan of  long haul flights so I think I would try someone like France ski holidays as i could even drive if I wanted to!

I could picture it now there I am top of a snowy mountain fully geared up with a thick white sheet just waiting for me to glide down! and as I push of I expertly zigzag my way down even leaping over a few rocks as I go!

And as I come down spraying a layer of white gold with every twist and turn people admire my grace and stability! and just as I finish I hit a slope and end with a double backflip landing next to bar ready for a pint.

hahaha yeah right!

I would be like a drunk 3 legged bambi who is suffering vertigo on ice! im pretty sure after I kick off I would end up tripping over my own skis and become the largest human snow ball as I roll down the hill!

but even so its something ive always wanted to try and a ski holiday is something different! 🙂


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My Iphone Vs……..The Nokia N900 October 26, 2010

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Now hopefully I should be posting a few posts like this  not because I don’t like my iPhone but i think that what with technology advancing so quickly its exciting (well for me and the other geeks out there) to see what each phone manufacturer are coming up with to combat the everyday growing sales of the iPhone!

I do obviously understand that the Nokia N900 might not have been released as a rival to the iPhone but i can hardly compare it to a phone I don’t own can I where would be the fun in that 🙂

I got my iPhone 3GS about 3 months-ish ago after pestering Emma for about a year and instantly fell in love with it as it was everything that i expected and wanted although as the saying goes nothing is perfect!

Obviously not everyone wants the same thing when it comes to a mobile phone e.g. Emma has a blackberry as it gives easy access to any email service and twitter etc. But for me the main features for a phone are : –

  • WiFi
  • Email
  • Music
  • Apps
  • Camera
  • Looks

 So with that WOMWORLD agreed to send me a Nokia N900 to trial for a couple of weeks to see what I thought! and on first impressions I can honestly say I was a little scared! 🙂

The last Nokia I owned (and Loved) was my Nokia N95 which i still have in a draw upstairs some were although I think I broke the charging mechanism by dropping it 😦

So yeah back to the point I opened up the box to discover this shiny touch screen staring right back at me. I wasted no time in grabbing it pulling the battery out and throwing my SIM card in. Upon turning it on you get the usual Nokia Welcome (the hands coming together) and then you get the set up guide wich came in handy as I had just dived in at the deep end (because im a man instruction booklets mean nothing to me!)

After the setup I was confronted with a screen that fitted me perfectly! it had links to Email, Twitter and Facebook! I will admit it took me a minute to find the menu and other pages but again this possibly boils down to the whole me man no menu thing!

So after conquering the menu I discovered that the phone works on a scrolling screen basis (this isn’t a professional term it’s actually something I just made up but it sounds pretty good eh?) which is basically where you can have 4 screens that you can scroll between by swiping either left or right. Now this is nothing incredibly new I know that but it is very convenient!

On these four menus you can customise to have what ever you like one of them can be completely devoted to twitter the other one to certain apps etc I had one for social networking, one for App Downloads from Maemo and Ovi , one for regular contacts that I text on a daily basis just for easier access and one for photos (mainly of my car crash).

After customizing the phone to how I liked on the scrolling screens (there it is again!) I went exploring! The phone has a main menu with things like settings, photos ect which is accessed by pressing the little squares in the top left corner to which I discovered the downloads manager.

I was quite excited about this as I had recently heard about Nokia  branching out in the app world with the help of Ovi & Maemo and i was eager to see what it had to offer! I should mention that my iPhone is currently sporting 227 apps so as you can see im a bit of an app addict.

So with that I was quickly downloading different apps such as angry bird & a personal favourite of mine an app that allowed me to have a moving background! yeah I know im easily pleased but it really did make me happy having the matrix moving background on when people had a look! 🙂

I have searched quite hard for an iPhone app to let me do that but as of yet no luck! 😦

Using the pointer makes choosing things nice and easy and gives good accuracy! I will give you a good example of this with an app I recently downloaded on my iPhone it’s all about reactions and trying to do things in a certain time including putting pressure on a dot and releasing the pressure (with your finger) when the dot turns green. Now on the iPhone this was quite difficult as your finger covers a large area and nearly all of the circle so seeing I is difficult and yet using a pointer on the N900 was easy!

Whilst i had the N900 I thought I would try out  the 5MP Camera and I wasnt disappointed I knew from experience that Nokia’s had good cameras and this was no different and the flash came in handy more than you could know! I should add that the phone its self is pretty tough too as it survived my car crash and came away unscathed! and in full working order!

Now back to the flash! oh how ive missed having a flash on a camera phone! obviously after I crashed my car it was dark and I needed to take pictures of the damage and without a flash it would have been quite rubbish!

I really enjoyed being able to use the slide out keyboard not only was it a nice change but it looked pretty good doing it in front of people!

There is a significant difference in size and shape compared to the iPhone which I would say is one of its only downfalls as otherwise its a very good phone!

Overall I would give the Nokia N900 a strong 7/10 as the shape and size is bigger than I would want and the range of apps available is tiny compared to apples app store. 

So Nokia I would like to give you a big well done on what you have done with the N900 it really is a good phone with its own sort of uniqueness! but im afraid this time im sticking with the iPhone! better luck next time 🙂

Boys & Toys October 18, 2010

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I love seeing the way Oli is growing up and how his toy style is changing. I admit shaking a rattle constantly for 5 months was boring. He then went to a stage where everything including my slippers were fun to play with. I remember having these visions of baby born , football in hand a few days later. Not only do babies have to grow for 9 months where the only kicking that goes on is inside his Mother’s tummy , they have another 9 months where they learn to get to grips with this new world they’ve been introduced too.

Thankfully Oli’s now at the toddler stage where he’s discovered toys and how much fun different toys can be.

He’s at the right where we will be buying him learning toys such as the vtech vsmile , which he wont quite realise is a learning toy until he’s learnt. Like my cunning thinking?
I like the way some of these toys are built to be fun but are actually teaching them a thing or two, who needs Daddy to teach ABC’s when that talking Thomas can do it instead!

It wont be long before we are both playing with transformers figures and kicking that ball around the park.

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The crash October 11, 2010

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Now I think we all knew that it was inevitable that i was going to eventually write about it ive just had to wait for the whiplash to ease (thanks to the pills the Doc gave me) and for the burn on my hand to get a little better before I could type.

So it was Wednesday evening and Emma and I couldn’t decide what to have for tea tossing between the ideas of either chicken curry or spaghetti bolognaise.

Curry would mean going to Morrison’s to get diced chicken and the sauce we like, and spaghetti would mean going to co-op to get mince and garlic bread. Now incase you’re wondering why I couldn’t go to co-op for the curry it’s because co-op don’t do diced chicken or the curry sauce we like.

We decided on curry and at about 7:40 I remembered Morrison’s shuts at 8:00 on most week days so I quickly got my shoes on kissed oli an emma goodbye and set off. I got into the car reversed off the drive and away I went! the trip to Morrison’s isn’t an unusual one nor a non familiar one ive driven it for the past 4 years and walked it for about the past 10!

Its only about a mile down the road with a few curves and the odd round about oh and a couple of speed lowering zones (traffic calming) and it would be these that would be the end of my poor car!

So ive gone over the first round about and im approaching the first traffic calming zone and had to give way to about two cars before I could go through and then I went on my merry way happily singing along to meatloaf as I went. Next comes the interesting bit.

I approached the second traffic calming zone and as I got close a inpatient car whipped through at speed I changed down a gear to slow down for him and as soon as he was out-of-the-way I started to drive through but as I did a 4×4 came hootleing through and we hit head on.

This was possibly one of the most scariest moments of my life so far. I remember certain details just before the collision I remember looking through her window and seeing her face just before we collided it wasnt a face of “oh crap” but more of a face of “whats he doing coming through” mine on the other probably told a whole different story.

I remember me being between a quarter and half the way through before the crash, I also remember that everything seemed to go in slow motion just for a split few seconds right up untill we actually collided and even though everything seemed to be slow I was powerless to do anything I couldn’t even hit the brakes. My final thought before impact was “this is going to end badly”

Then on impact I raised my right hand to shield my face whilst keeping my left hand on the wheel. I got jolted forwards and instantly felt the airbags forcing me back, I didn’t realise it at the time but my airbag had burnt skin of my hand. After my car had span around and my body was back in the same place I got myself together, I then managed to force my door open as it was a little jammed and climbed out, i was followed by a smoke trail coming from the freshly deployed airbags. I rushed over to the driver’s door of the 4×4 and frantically asked if the female passenger was ok.

I had to ask a couple of times before i got a response and I thought that it was just shock but it soon became clear that she couldn’t understand much of what I was saying because she was Polish.

Now please don’t get me wrong i have absolutely nothing against Polish people or any other foreign people in fact I have a fair few Polish and foreign friends but it just didn’t help the situation that we couldn’t understand each other.

So after getting a yes from her i went to inspect the damage on my car. On first sight i could have actually cried (i will try to describe this as best I can). The first thing I saw was the mashed windscreen where the passenger airbag had gone off, I then got drawn to the bonnet which on one side was all crumpled and the other had been completely taken back, The drivers side-wheel had been pushed o par back it was near the pedals and the car its self was just in a terrible state.

It didn’t really occur to me at the time but I was very lucky to escape with what I did as it could have been a lot worse for me, even the police and fire crew couldn’t believe how lucky I had been

At the time I wasnt really thinking about th “what ifs” I was more concentrating that the lady was ok and that no other traffic was going to come speeding along and crash. soon after the ambulance, Police and fire crew turned up and questions were asked about how it happened and the like which I was more than happy to answer.

I then called Emma telling her not to worry and that I had been in a little car crash but I was fine, but of course she was going to come down. I then phoned my mum saying the same as she sorts out my insurance and stuff and well im sure she would have wanted to know.

When they arrived they both did the same thing……cry and hug me! which was nice and sort of what I needed.

The police then asked if there was anything of value I needed from the car it was only then I opened up the driver’s door and saw the mess that was my dashboard and windscreen.

As you can see it wasnt pretty both airbags gone off, no mirror, or sun visor on the left side the force made my cigarette lighter fly out and also a dial for my fans.

It really did hit home how lucky i had been after witnessing this properly.

So after whipping everything out and laying it on the grass I made my official statement to the police and was told I could go. The polish lady had already gone as she needed an interpreter so didn’t need to go I till the next day.

I then made my wy back to my moms with emma and oli.

So that’s about it like I said possibly the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Fo now im just letting the insurance companies deal with it although bizarrely enough she hasn’t contacted hers yet and she had a much nicer car than I did! so I can only but wait and see what happens although I am fairly confident what with it being my right of way and all.

I also wont lie after getting a lift this morning it has affected me as usually I am quite calm whilst other people drive (ive been in some mad drivers cars) but this morning even as we were traveling at 40 in a 60 I could feel my feet pressing those invisible brake pedals and my hands clutching the seat im sure in time this will pass and I will be back to normal.

I have tried not to think of the what ifs as i know they will get me down and upset but sometimes its just impossible im so glad I was on my own in the car as im not sure what I would have done if Oli  or Emma had been there.

I also suffered terrible whiplash over the next couple of days and also bruised my collarbone! but at least im still alive!

Oh and I never did get my chicken!

My Tuesday Rant! October 5, 2010

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This post was yesterday going to be called “monday moan” but after kickboxing last night I was just so tired it turned into todays post and well as I can’t think of anything that goes with Tuesday so yeah bear with me!

My first Rant is about a very popular supermarket that I visited yesterday (im not sure about the laws involved in saying company names when complaining) and whilst browsing around I came across a really nice superman hoodie and as winter has been creeping up on us pretty much since July I thought it would be a good idea to buy it (that and it was reduced to £8….bargin!)

So with that we grabbed some stuff for tea and arrived at the self-service check out (we tend to use these as they are generally quicker and you don’t have to engage in mindless small talk) <— god I really am ratty today! 🙂

So im scanning things through, as I am useless at packing and I scan the hoodie last and put it in the bag like the machine said. I then blew the dust of my debit card and put it into the machine. After a couple of minutes everything was paid for and I was happy!

Emma then reminded me that i needed to get the security tag taken off the hoodie so I got the attention of the “help” lady and she took the hoodie of me and looked at me and said “can I have the receipt” it was at this point I turned to the machine to grab it and it hadn’t printed one out!

Now I have worked in supermarkets before and have faced very similar situations and quickly resolved them by doing a number of a couple of things (re printing receipts etc). It seems on this occasion this was not the case as when I said I didn’t have the receipt this woman was ready to lock me up and throw away the key!

She stood there for a couple of seconds (which felt like hours) and stared at me blankly. Then broke the silence by nervously saying “I, im going to have to get someone to help”  it was like I had threatened her with gun or something I mean it wasnt even my fault the bloody machine hadn’t printed a receipt!

So she went off to call for what seemed like emergency assistance and along came a manager with what seemed like the same panic-stricken attitude as the original woman!! she looked at me and automatically assumed I was trying to steal the hoodie! she then said that she needed to check the back logs for which items where scanned on that till and that she had to investigate why it didn’t come up as security alert when scanned (this is obviously because im a master criminal).

So off she went to see if she could solve the worlds worst theft mystery! So Emma, Oli and Myself where left sat next to the till where the unspeakable had happened pondering on how hard prison life actually is!

After about 10 minutes the lady came back ( I think she was some sort of supervisor) with the same worried face she had when she left so I walked over and she said “I’m going to have to get the manager” the manager??!!?? I mean it’s an £8 hoody for crying out loud! why not take a chance on me! shop with the big blue sign!

So after again arguing my case and 100% failing to convince them that none of this was my fault she went off to find the boss!

Now I can only assume that the “big boss” of Tes….the shop with the big blue sign lives in a big “batman like” cave surrounded by fire, large 2 headed dogs and a small army of robots as this women took ages to get him and when she did she was very out of breath and sweating!

Eventually after about 25 minutes of waiting (in total) the Supervisor gave the all clear to the check out lady and you could instantly see the relief on her face it was like she had learned that hypothetical gun I was holding to her for this hoodie turned out to be a hypothetical water pistol filled with vodka!…….. it was really that amazing!

She then untagged the item gave it to me with the biggest relieved smile on her face and said goodbye as we left she gave the security guard the nod and we le……hold on yeah! she actually nodded at the security guard to say we could go!   I mean good golly miss molly! really was that really necessary? I would understand if I had gone in wearing a balaclava and had stuffed a load of things in a bag! but for a machine that didn’t print my receipt? i began to get the feeling that security exercises werent often in there!

So after we had left I was driving home and it was only then that I had realised that they hadn’t given me a bloody receipt! after all of that!

So there you have my Monday moan that was about 24 hours late 🙂

Phew rant over!…..for now 🙂

Baby Names September 30, 2010

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This post was my first ever attempt at blogging on MySpace and i tonight realised that I have never shared it with any of you! there are also two others that I will bring you in time. So enjoy this one from 19/01/2009 🙂

Oh sorry it’s so short don’t forget this was my first one! 🙂

Who would have thought that thinking of what to name your baby would be so bloody hard! ive been sat here for a few hours now and come with barely anything!

The funny thing is emma came up with the name Benjamin and i thought for all of about a second and thought yeah! that really good baby ben! but then she went off it! lol typical. I personally don’t think it will get called benji but meh! hahaha
So we got as far as Mathew and Luke which yes i know are both very biblical names but we didn’t intend them to be so it’s all good lol I still like the name josh but maybe not for this baby lol…. yes im sure there will be more hehe.

So im sat at work twiddling my thumbs and i think hmmm jacks a nice name and then out of the blue hmmmm daniel is a nice name………………. then i said to myself stop thinking of alcohol jon!!………hehe but yeah i thought of a couple which were: –
Jack, Daniel, Joseph, Callum, Lewis and Tyler

Now don’t get me wrong these are all great names but im still not sure and im sure the wife will have something to say about them and some more ideas.
I’m sure/hope in the very near future we will come to an agreement on the name but untill then son sorry but your just “bump” =]

What Has Parenthood Given You? September 27, 2010

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Now I know the obvious question to the title is a baby but anyone with children will agree that it is a lot more than that!

When me and Emma where expecting Oli we had all of these expectations of what parenthood would be like and we often joked about the sleepless nights saying “it can’t be that hard” (well that was mostly me)

But its only once your child is born that you begin to realise that the life you knew yesterday doesn’t really matter anymore, because now you have an extra life to take care of and its only when you realise this that everything becomes real!

Now onto the reason behind this post, as I said at the start parenthood gives you a lot of things like the instant worry for this child that has only been alive for a day!

Another thing that a lot of parents get from parenthood is debt worries. This happened to me when I brought my first tub of powered milk and my first pack of nappy’s I think that bill alone came to over £20! Because I had been used to buying food for emma and me just as and when we needed it, it was a total shock to the system knowing that I would have to make sure there was plenty of food in for Oli when he is growing up!

But with Debt worries comes financial control now I wont lie this took me a good couple of months to take control of but when you realise that you need to space out your money and not spend it on things you don’t need you become in control and this is something that I have never been (as seen in an earlier post about debt).

Now I realise that sounds very negative and I wont lie there are a few more like the sleepless nights (that really shouldnt be joked about!) and also the tantrums etc but with every cloud…..

I think the greatest thing that parenthood has given me is maturity and a greater sense of responsibility. Before I Oli was born I was your just your typical 20-year-old I liked to go out drinking whenever I could, I would spend large amounts of money on things I didn’t need and well I was quite immature.

Since Oli was born that has all changed, I now save money where ever possible, I go out drinking every so often but nowhere near how much I used to, and my oh my havent I matured! It was only the other day that I was in a meeting with both my manager and the MD of the company talking about progress and they both commented how I would go far because i was very mature for my age.

Not many people have ever said this about me before and it was actually quite touching! it sent me away thinking “wow professional management think im mature!”

It has made me realise that with this new-found maturity I can progress through life well and it can lead onto a whole load of new and exciting things!

On a final note I suppose I should say that Parenthood also gave me this blog as before I had never really thought about creating one! and after Oli was born Both myself and Emma created one to share our lives with the rest of you! 🙂

So there you have it the most important thing that i got from parenthood ( so far) is maturity & responsiblity.

What did you get?

The Citroen DS3 Sport September 23, 2010

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Now im not going to lie before last week if anyone had said to me “Jon, I think a Citroen would be perfect for you as it is quick, fuel economic and has plenty to brag about” I would have straight out accused them of lying but that’s because I had never experienced a Citroen DS3.

Now being a car salesman I have a certain amount of knowledge on cars anyway and I get to experience some of the nicest (and also some of the not so nicest). So when I was told by Emma that we would be receiving a Citroen I was a little skeptical as the only car I thought would be anywhere near suitable for someone my age and lifestyle would be a Saxo and well they have been around for years.

It was only when she informed me it was something called a DS3 that it got me puzzled and I did some digging.

The first picture I saw of one was a black one with a black roof and it looked very nice!

Although it was only when the car arrived on my drive that I could really appreciate the amazing good looks it supported! I’ve been known in the past to say that black is my favourite colour for a car…well again that all changed when i set eyes on my DS3. Here is what I came home too :

Safe to say upon first impressions I was both impressed and excited!
It has a beautiful modern body shape and the fact it was bright yellow only added to its greatness!
Of course I had to drive it straight away and after positioning myself nicely on the full leather seat I set off and the first thing I noticed was the main display.

The Main Display

This display has a couple of different modes and you can change it to show what you need.
It can show :-

The Sat Nav Directions

This brings up the map and when you have the sat nav set up has an arrow on it you of course can have this mode on when driving without sat nav and it will tell you where you are!

The Music Info

Depending on what music you have playing this display can differ you can have the radio information or the cd information etc it makes it very easy to pick and change stations.

The Fuel Consumption Display

This is a very handy mode as nobody wants to run out of fuel and this tells you exactly how much you have left until empty! It also shows how many miles to the gallon you are doing which is good to know too as it allows you to know how much fuel you will need for specific journeys! This feature allowed us to view that we could easily get 45 mpg which is excellent for a petrol!

Now obviously I was very excited to drive the DS3 so I rushed off without exploring many of the features. After reversing off my drive I put my foot on the accelerator and all I can say it WOW! for such a small car it is mightily fast! It was packing a 1.6 petrol so I didn’t expect it to be slow but the acceleration on it was just phenomenal for the type of car it was.
I only took it around a few local streets and then onto the bypass but even then I noticed that it was also an incredibly smooth ride, I tackled a few speed bumps and a bumpy road and wasn’t in any discomfort for any of it!
When I had arrived back home I had time to explore some more of the features this car had to offer.

On The Inside

Cruise control

I’ve never owned a car with cruise control before and never really used it properly (I’ve played around with it at work) and it’s quite possibly the best feature a modern-day car can come with it makes driving long distances a breeze! We had to drive to Hampshire and fir those that know there roads this includes plenty of motorway action and cruise control allowed me to blast down cruising steadily at 70 without having to you touch the pedals

Speaking of the pedals check these out!

Not only do they look good but they have put you a matching rest pedal (for those times when you are using cruise control! :] )

Next Is The Music Control Stick

This control allows the driver to adjust the volume, change song/radio station, let’s you choose what music source you listen from (radio, cd etc)
This is incredibly convenient as it means the driver doesn’t need to take his/her eyes off the road when changing anything!

The Bluetooth Phone System

This again is being used in a few modern cars these days but I think in the day and age we live in it is a necessity and if you don’t have one then it means going out to buy one and they are not cheap these days and some can be temperamental/confusing but with the DS3 I just connected by phone to the cars Bluetooth and away I went! You get little speakers and mics placed around the car for excellent sound and a clear line. It even gives you a selection of ringtones to choose from! Now I’m not going to lie about the next thing it puzzled me for about an hour and then when I looked in the manual it seemed obvious! It was….

The Built In Air Freshener

Now this is something I’ve never ever seen in a car before (and I’ve seen quite a few) but what a great idea! Once I had figured out what it was and how it worked there was a lovely smell about the car that was enough to be noticed on entry but not overpowering.

The Room For A Car Seat

As you can see there is plenty of room in the back for a car seat (it comes with iso fix too) and when the front passenger seat is in a normal driving position Oli still has lots of room to dangle his legs.

The Temperature Controls

This feature allows the driver or the passenger to adjust not only the temperature but also where the air blows, switching the air con on and off and also the buttons to de-mist the front and rear windscreen. The final part of this feature is that you can set it to auto which adjusts the fans etc for you!

The Sporty Looking Dials

I don’t need to say much about these except for how awesome they look!

Finally The CD Player And Mode Buttons

This is the feature with all of the buttons you can access the setup, the volume, the radio, the cd player etc.
This is also the cd input area and if you can’t decide on what cd to listen to no matter! Just take advantage of the 6 disk cd changer!
If iPods or Mp3 players are more your thing then why not plug yours into the aux port (with an aux cable) and enjoy!

To The Outside!

The DS3 supports some very distinctive features! Which not only make it unique but also the sporty little super mini it’s supposed to be.

The LED Lights

Now obviously the DS3 isn’t the first car to have these lights but my god doesn’t it suit the car is gives the front a fierce look about it. They only come on when the main beams aren’t on which is fine although I do think it would look pretty awesome with both on.

A Great Car Needs Great Alloys

What you are looking at is a gorgeous 17 inch bellome alloy wheel of course the DS3 comes with 4 of them and they look fantastic! (please ignore the dirt in my picture that was my fault :D)
The White alloys go perfectly with the roof which brings me on to my next point.

Contrasting Body/Roof Colour

One of the main features that Citroën offer for the DS3 is that you can have a contrasting body/roof colour. I had yellow and White with White wing mirrors too! And personally (and all of my friends) I think it looked incredible and even though in the past It wouldn’t have been my first choice it’s now definitely up there with my top choices!

Now anyone with children will understand the need for boot space and from the outside you may have your doubts about this car but when it came to putting the pram in I was a bit worried but all of my fears were laid to rest when it just slid in and fitted snuggly!

So that’s it about the physical features now for a bit of technical info!

The car has a top speed of 130 mph and if I had somewhere legal to try to achieve this I have no doubts it would have been easily done!

It does 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds which is amazingly quick for a car like this!

Mine was a 155 bhp petrol (although you can get both lower bhp and a diesel engine)

It’s only little by being 3948 mm in length and 1715 mm in width!

So there you have it there is my review of the Citroën DS3 sport (in bright yellow) I would thoroughly recommend this car to anyone and everyone (as long as you don’t need a people carrier/7 seats! 😀 ) I have really enjoyed my 7 days driving the DS3 and if I had the chance (and the money the version I had retail at about £15,900 but completely worth every penny)

I would like to give massive thanks to Citroen and Performance PR for sending us the Citroen DS3 to try out and review.

My Bed Tries To Hurt Me! September 18, 2010

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Everyone loves a big bed with a nice bouncy mattress and I am in no way different I just wish I had one!

Now don’t get me wrong I do have a bed me and Emma have a nice looking double bed with a pine headboard but nice looking is about as far as it goes.

We got it about 14 months ago and I remember the day well.

I was really excited as I love that “new bed feel” all springy but soft at the same time and this bed was no different once i had managed to get it upstairs followed by the mattress I then figured out where it would look best in the bedroom (although as I am a man this was of course wrong). I then threw a fresh quilt over it chucked a couple of pillows on and it was beautiful!

As a few months went by the sleep continued to be as beautiful as it was from the start but then one fateful day I had to reach to get some thing from the top of the airing cupboard and was stood on the bed trying to reach it when “CRACK!” after falling of and nearly catching my head on the chest of draws I quickly examined underneath the mattress the wood has nearly broken in half!

Once i had put the mattress back on to see how it looked there was an obvious dip on my side if the bed. it wasnt too bad to sleep on it didn’t cause a large amount of discomfort but it was defiantly noticeable.

After another couple of months of sleeping on a slope I started to notice something poking me. Yes the springs were coming through the mattress! now this was quite uncomfortable!

The last thing you want poking you in bed is a spring! 😉

So trying to lie around the springs slowly puts the mattress out of shape and now it looks more like a small mountain range than a mattress!

I know what your thinking and yes it probably did contribute but I probably shouldnt go into that on here 😉

Also im guessing that a lot of you are thinking “why don’t you just go out and buy a new one?” well have you seen the prices of beds and mattress’ these days?? im sure they were like £5 when I was a kid. Now you can get a half decent one for as cheap as £100…….. haha yeah right!

My Dream Bed

We have talked about saving up for a new one but every time we start to another financial crisis comes up and we have to sort that out (im pretty sure im not o my own with this).

So when I go to bed now I face the wrath of the springs, the fear of falling of the sloped mattress and going through broken wood!

I’m beginning to think my bead may be dying a slow and painful death. I guess I should start saving for a new one! Cue the next financial crisis!