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Another quick pre week brain warm up! October 17, 2010

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So people I’ve done this before and a few if you enjoyed it so here we go again just a few riddles and puzzles to get the brain going before work tomorrow!


1) It happens once in a minute, twice in a week, and once in a year. What is it?

2) If your sock drawer has 6 black socks, 4 brown socks, 8 white socks, and 2 tan socks, how many socks would you have to pull out in the dark to be sure you had a matching pair?

3) Which of the following statements are true?

1. At least one of these ten statements is false.
2. At least two of these ten statements are false.
3. At least three of these ten statements are false.
4. At least four of these ten statements are false.
5. At least five of these ten statements are false.
6. At least six of these ten statements are false.
7. At least seven of these ten statements are false.
8. At least eight of these ten statements are false.
9. At least nine of these ten statements are false.
10. At least ten of these ten statements are false.

4) A man was driving a black truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How did the man see her?

5) A doctor and a boy were fishing. The boy was the doctor’s son, but the doctor was not the boy’s father. Who was the doctor?

Have fun!!
Oh and I expect a thank you tomorrow when all of your brains are ready for action! 🙂


The Citroen DS3 Sport September 23, 2010

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Now im not going to lie before last week if anyone had said to me “Jon, I think a Citroen would be perfect for you as it is quick, fuel economic and has plenty to brag about” I would have straight out accused them of lying but that’s because I had never experienced a Citroen DS3.

Now being a car salesman I have a certain amount of knowledge on cars anyway and I get to experience some of the nicest (and also some of the not so nicest). So when I was told by Emma that we would be receiving a Citroen I was a little skeptical as the only car I thought would be anywhere near suitable for someone my age and lifestyle would be a Saxo and well they have been around for years.

It was only when she informed me it was something called a DS3 that it got me puzzled and I did some digging.

The first picture I saw of one was a black one with a black roof and it looked very nice!

Although it was only when the car arrived on my drive that I could really appreciate the amazing good looks it supported! I’ve been known in the past to say that black is my favourite colour for a car…well again that all changed when i set eyes on my DS3. Here is what I came home too :

Safe to say upon first impressions I was both impressed and excited!
It has a beautiful modern body shape and the fact it was bright yellow only added to its greatness!
Of course I had to drive it straight away and after positioning myself nicely on the full leather seat I set off and the first thing I noticed was the main display.

The Main Display

This display has a couple of different modes and you can change it to show what you need.
It can show :-

The Sat Nav Directions

This brings up the map and when you have the sat nav set up has an arrow on it you of course can have this mode on when driving without sat nav and it will tell you where you are!

The Music Info

Depending on what music you have playing this display can differ you can have the radio information or the cd information etc it makes it very easy to pick and change stations.

The Fuel Consumption Display

This is a very handy mode as nobody wants to run out of fuel and this tells you exactly how much you have left until empty! It also shows how many miles to the gallon you are doing which is good to know too as it allows you to know how much fuel you will need for specific journeys! This feature allowed us to view that we could easily get 45 mpg which is excellent for a petrol!

Now obviously I was very excited to drive the DS3 so I rushed off without exploring many of the features. After reversing off my drive I put my foot on the accelerator and all I can say it WOW! for such a small car it is mightily fast! It was packing a 1.6 petrol so I didn’t expect it to be slow but the acceleration on it was just phenomenal for the type of car it was.
I only took it around a few local streets and then onto the bypass but even then I noticed that it was also an incredibly smooth ride, I tackled a few speed bumps and a bumpy road and wasn’t in any discomfort for any of it!
When I had arrived back home I had time to explore some more of the features this car had to offer.

On The Inside

Cruise control

I’ve never owned a car with cruise control before and never really used it properly (I’ve played around with it at work) and it’s quite possibly the best feature a modern-day car can come with it makes driving long distances a breeze! We had to drive to Hampshire and fir those that know there roads this includes plenty of motorway action and cruise control allowed me to blast down cruising steadily at 70 without having to you touch the pedals

Speaking of the pedals check these out!

Not only do they look good but they have put you a matching rest pedal (for those times when you are using cruise control! :] )

Next Is The Music Control Stick

This control allows the driver to adjust the volume, change song/radio station, let’s you choose what music source you listen from (radio, cd etc)
This is incredibly convenient as it means the driver doesn’t need to take his/her eyes off the road when changing anything!

The Bluetooth Phone System

This again is being used in a few modern cars these days but I think in the day and age we live in it is a necessity and if you don’t have one then it means going out to buy one and they are not cheap these days and some can be temperamental/confusing but with the DS3 I just connected by phone to the cars Bluetooth and away I went! You get little speakers and mics placed around the car for excellent sound and a clear line. It even gives you a selection of ringtones to choose from! Now I’m not going to lie about the next thing it puzzled me for about an hour and then when I looked in the manual it seemed obvious! It was….

The Built In Air Freshener

Now this is something I’ve never ever seen in a car before (and I’ve seen quite a few) but what a great idea! Once I had figured out what it was and how it worked there was a lovely smell about the car that was enough to be noticed on entry but not overpowering.

The Room For A Car Seat

As you can see there is plenty of room in the back for a car seat (it comes with iso fix too) and when the front passenger seat is in a normal driving position Oli still has lots of room to dangle his legs.

The Temperature Controls

This feature allows the driver or the passenger to adjust not only the temperature but also where the air blows, switching the air con on and off and also the buttons to de-mist the front and rear windscreen. The final part of this feature is that you can set it to auto which adjusts the fans etc for you!

The Sporty Looking Dials

I don’t need to say much about these except for how awesome they look!

Finally The CD Player And Mode Buttons

This is the feature with all of the buttons you can access the setup, the volume, the radio, the cd player etc.
This is also the cd input area and if you can’t decide on what cd to listen to no matter! Just take advantage of the 6 disk cd changer!
If iPods or Mp3 players are more your thing then why not plug yours into the aux port (with an aux cable) and enjoy!

To The Outside!

The DS3 supports some very distinctive features! Which not only make it unique but also the sporty little super mini it’s supposed to be.

The LED Lights

Now obviously the DS3 isn’t the first car to have these lights but my god doesn’t it suit the car is gives the front a fierce look about it. They only come on when the main beams aren’t on which is fine although I do think it would look pretty awesome with both on.

A Great Car Needs Great Alloys

What you are looking at is a gorgeous 17 inch bellome alloy wheel of course the DS3 comes with 4 of them and they look fantastic! (please ignore the dirt in my picture that was my fault :D)
The White alloys go perfectly with the roof which brings me on to my next point.

Contrasting Body/Roof Colour

One of the main features that Citroën offer for the DS3 is that you can have a contrasting body/roof colour. I had yellow and White with White wing mirrors too! And personally (and all of my friends) I think it looked incredible and even though in the past It wouldn’t have been my first choice it’s now definitely up there with my top choices!

Now anyone with children will understand the need for boot space and from the outside you may have your doubts about this car but when it came to putting the pram in I was a bit worried but all of my fears were laid to rest when it just slid in and fitted snuggly!

So that’s it about the physical features now for a bit of technical info!

The car has a top speed of 130 mph and if I had somewhere legal to try to achieve this I have no doubts it would have been easily done!

It does 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds which is amazingly quick for a car like this!

Mine was a 155 bhp petrol (although you can get both lower bhp and a diesel engine)

It’s only little by being 3948 mm in length and 1715 mm in width!

So there you have it there is my review of the Citroën DS3 sport (in bright yellow) I would thoroughly recommend this car to anyone and everyone (as long as you don’t need a people carrier/7 seats! 😀 ) I have really enjoyed my 7 days driving the DS3 and if I had the chance (and the money the version I had retail at about £15,900 but completely worth every penny)

I would like to give massive thanks to Citroen and Performance PR for sending us the Citroen DS3 to try out and review.

Im a ninja! September 16, 2010

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So again another blog flash back or “blogback” as I like to call them.

*A quick apology to say there’s no pics in this one but as soon as I have some I will post some :)*

This time to 2 weeks ago when, on my lunch at work I’m browsing the internet to pass the time and I come across an advert at the top of one of the web pages.

Now I don’t usually take much notice of adverts but this one caught my attention quite well.

It was for a company based in London advertising kickboxing training and after a few clicks I was on there website reading away about the benefits of learning kickboxing.

Well I have to say I was impressed just after reading the intro! It started a little something like this…….”are you looking to get fit? More confident? Do you want sharper reactions and a skill that will stay with you for life?” now by this point I was screaming yes!! Yes I do to all of those things!

It was only at this point I realised this company was in London so I went about looking for something more closer to home and after another few minutes of browsing I found a company that operates in the town I live in! Result!!

The company was called MSD and after a brief look at there we site for prices locations etc I was emailing Emma telling (asking) her that I wanted to go!

Thankfully she liked the idea and agreed we could afford the monthly payments of around £50.

The next available session was a week after I had discovered it due to the bank holidays so I counted down the days until it finally came!

I arrived with a colleague (minion) from work dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt ready to fight!

But what I was taught in the 1st 15 minutes is that there is so much more to it than just fighting and fitness was a big issue!

So to warm up my trainer Steve turned to me and calum and said “right I want 500 punches swapping arm half way through” I just laughed as this was clearly a joke……….it wasn’t a joke.

After my first session was over my trainer told me we had done about 5000 punches and. 3000 kicks so as you can imagine I was physically drained! But my god didn’t it feel good!!! 🙂

After another two sessions I have learned about self discipline, more fitness (it does get easier) and we have started to lightly spar. It has provided me with more than I expected and that was just the free trial!

Emma hasn’t come to watch me yet so no pictures as of yet but soon I promise :).

I would recommend this to absolutely everyone as it doesn’t matter how big, small, large or tall you are everyone benefits from it!

I’m hoping to start doing my belts and working up the rankings but like i said there’s a lot to learn and take in so just taking it one step at a time!

Like I said it could easily suit most people and I would urge anyone even just thinking about it to go to just one lesson (as the first is usually free) and experience it as I’m 99% sure you will be back for the 2nd lesson! 🙂

Good times June 20, 2010

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So this week hasn’t been the best week ever what with my last post but you have to focus on the positive things in life don’t you so here’s the post that was supposed to be written when I got back from sunny old Wales!

Ok firstly before we went away me and emma went to something called a conversation with heston which was amazing we learned all about his past, ideas for the future and just stuff in general. We were glued to our (front row) seats for a solid 90 minuets whilst this legend talked to us.

I tried to take loads of pictures but the lighting was awful and plus I only realised at the end that I had been taking them on the VGA setting so the quality was also awful!

And then came Wales.

We set off for north Wales near enough as soon as I got in from work on the Friday (as you can tell it was a little last minute) and arrived at about 9:30 which wasn’t bad.

We got the key for our caravany thing and ventured off to find it. When we did find it we wernt impressed ! It was small, smelt funny and there was rubbish in the cupboard so first thing next morning I went on a mission!

I stepped into reception and vented my anger in the direction of a poor receptionist and quite quickly got an upgrade …….*result* hehe.

So with our new palace-like caravany thing we were happy. And went of exploring the local towns etc and also the beach.
The town we spent the most time in was called Rhyl which was a really nice seaside town with plenty of shops and fun things to do. And when we returned we went on the beach which was about 75 steps from our caravany thing!

After about an hour of beach events such as sand castle making and paddling we made our way back but oli decided he wanted one last paddle so ran into a large puddle swiftly followed by emma shouting “oli get back here!”

The next scene of events nearly killed me through laughter!

Emma ran in after him lost both flip flops then grabbed a very wet oli turned and screamed “aaaaaaah jellyfish” she didn’t know where to turn she got her flip flops and tried to run away but lost them again so left them screaming at me to get them and being met by my reply of “hell no you just said jellyfish your on your own” still whilst laughing a lot *snigger*

After that we just chilled out on and around the park.
It was really good to get away and just what we both needed!

So there you have it folks a more upbeat post about happy/good times.

Oh and yesterday I finally got an iPhone thanks to my lovely OH hehe and I’ve just written this while post on it yaaaaay iPhones hehe anyway cheers for all of your kind words in the past few days.


A few great friends May 26, 2010

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This is the first time ive done this but it looks like a great idea!

So the topic is friendship, Friendship can mean quite a few things you can have friends that you met at school and might say hello to if you see them, you can also have friends that you know through a friend and that you chat to now and again, and then you have what I like to call best/great friends that you talk to at least twice a week and meet up with as much as you can. these are the friends that you can always rely on and can trust with pretty much anything!

This pictures below are a mixture of old friends that are very close and brand new friends that have automatically jumped into this category as well not many people would travel the distance we do to visit each other. Like i said there are lots of types of friends and (without sounding big headed) I have a fair few but here are a couple of some really good ones 🙂

The Boys! Jono, Gav, Me, Joey

The new Friends 🙂 Vic (Glowstars), Me, Yuri (Urbanvox), Emma (Me , The Man And The Baby)

A little Wet - Gav , Joey, Me, Emma

A little Drunk - Me, Gav, Joey, Luke

So there you have it a few of my great friends! 🙂

A weekend to remember! May 23, 2010

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This weekend was the weekend that we had both Urbanvox (http://urbanvox.net/wordpress) & Glowstars (http://glowstars.net) to stay with Mr A and what a great weekend it was! (blimey how many times can someone say the word weekend in one sentence)

With the weekend being like the hottest ever it got off to a flying start as we decided on a bbq for all off us so in the morning me and Emma got up and ventured out to battle the crowds to get some meat for the bbq and after a quick trip to morrisons, haircut and shower we were ready go! luckily Glowstars & Urbanvox were due to arrive at about 7ish so that gave us time to do a mass blast of the housework (as emma wanted them to think we live in an incredibly tidy house! ha)

Just as i was putting the last bowl from the washing up away there was a knock at the door and as i opened it in jumped Glowstars bursting for the toilet, not even time for hello’s! After hauling the bags in i fired the bbq up with plenty of lighting fluid and self lighting bricks…….didnt that go up well!

So we put the kids to bed and began was to be a night of laughter and loonyness, it started off fairly normal got the food and alcohol 0n the go and from there we got maybe a little merry! (well me and  Urbanvox anyway we only brought the lady’s one bottle of wine 🙂 ) and for some unknown reason i thought lets play on the trampoline!

It was about 11:30 – 12:00 and Urbanvox has grabbed his camera and were trying to do the cool air shots like you see on tv. First Emma & Glowstars tried it and their pittyful attempt of jumping about 1 foot off the ground failed and then it was my go!

i was really that afraid of jumping high, that was untill i remembered i built the thing and had a few nuts and bolts left over! but never the less i had alcohol inside me so that conquered all i gave it my all and got some good shots out of it (they will be uploaded when i receive them)

So after about a good 40 mins bouncing away we were all pretty much exhausted! and sat back down to have some more drinks! (by this point the ladies were drinking southern comfort and coke) and after some more banter and laughing away we decided to call it a night.

The next morning i was a little zombie like but i soon perked up as we were of to the NEC for the baby show!

After a cappuccino we were all ready to go! so we set off onto the motorway and all was going well untill we hit junction 6 it was when we got there we hit gridlock traffic what with everyone trying to get to the same place but after about 30-40 we arrived safe and sound and made our way into the NEC.

After a quick subway lunch we ventured into the baby show and were thankfully greeted not only by air con but by (using twitter names! :D) @Cheshire_Claire (http://www.cheshiremum.co.uk), and from there went on to meet @Cosmicgirlie (http://mochabeaniemummy.blogspot.com), @LvanO (http://www.diaryofafirstchild.com), @Bumbling Tweets (http://bumblingalong.wordpress.com) & @Porridgebrain (http://www.sleepisfortheweak.org.uk). If ive missed anyone sorry! its my short term memory! 🙂

So after meeting all of those lovely people we began mooching/bargain hunting and got freebies thrown at us from all directions which was amazing! 😀 and after a good 3 hours of wandering around trying things left right and centre we had covered nearly all of it and bumped back into LvanO and Bumbling Tweets so had coffee and cake.

It was then one last blast through incase we had missed anything and as we were we bumped into Cosatto_Tweets (http://babystuffwithpersonality.blogspot.com) and had a great conversation with her although she did seem a little taken back by us all being there! but she’s such a nice person!

By now we were all pretty tired so decided to head off and after a quick drink we parted ways and set off for home! All in all it was a great weekend and a really got Sunday at the baby show, not only did we get a bargain or two i met some really nice people. Cant wait to meet you all again! :D.