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Baby Names September 30, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days, general stuff.
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This post was my first ever attempt at blogging on MySpace and i tonight realised that I have never shared it with any of you! there are also two others that I will bring you in time. So enjoy this one from 19/01/2009 ūüôā

Oh sorry it’s so short don’t forget this was my first one! ūüôā

Who would have thought that thinking of what to name your baby would be so bloody hard! ive been sat here for a few hours now and come with barely anything!

The funny thing is emma came up with the name Benjamin and i thought for all of about a second and thought yeah! that really good baby ben! but then she went off it! lol typical. I personally don’t think it will get called benji but meh! hahaha
So we got as far as Mathew and Luke which yes i know are both very biblical names but we didn’t intend them to be so it’s all good lol I still like the name josh but maybe not for this baby lol…. yes im sure there will be more hehe.

So im sat at work twiddling my thumbs and i think hmmm jacks a nice name and then out of the blue hmmmm daniel is a nice name………………. then i said to myself stop thinking of alcohol jon!!………hehe but yeah i thought of a couple which were: –
Jack, Daniel, Joseph, Callum, Lewis and Tyler

Now don’t get me wrong these are all great names but im still not sure and im sure the wife will have something to say about them and some more ideas.
I’m sure/hope in the very near future we will come to an agreement on the name but untill then son sorry but your just “bump” =]


My Tattoo’s Present and future May 18, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Now I know that everyone on here has probably done this but the way i see it everyone has different reasons for having tattoo’s so hopefully his wont be as repetitive as others. ūüôā

Ill start with my biggest one which is on my right upper arm which is a tribal tattoo. now when i was younger i thought trial’s were common and didn’t want one as everyone seemed to have them.

it was only one day when i was 17 i was in quarantine at school in between exams (something to do with my exams overlapping so therefor i had to sit in a room with a teacher in silence for about 2 hours) i just sat there and began to doodle, as you do, and after about 30 minutes i realised i had began to draw a bit of a pattern and it didnt look too bad so i carried on and coloured it in and thought ye that would look bad as a tattoo!

So near enough on my eighteenth birthday i booked a few hours with a new tattooist in town and explained what i wanted done and waited patiently for that day to come!

So yeah after a good couple of hours it was complete and it looked really good! and for the next couple of days i couldn’t stop looking at it. But the more i kept looking at it the more i wanted it bigger!

Back to the pen and paper i went but it wasnt boredom that inspired me this time it was one night im doodling things and i have the tv on in the background and suddenly i see my inspiration! i realised that the film from dusk till dawn is on and george clooney has a wicked tattoo that you can just see creeping above his collar line and that was it that what mine needed to be extended at the top!

Now i know having a visible tattoo above the neck line looks quite unprofessional so i designed one to creep just below so i had the best of both worlds! so another couple of hours and pain, my god don’t ever get the side of your neck tattoo’s MY GOD IT HURTS! it was done! and i was happier than that bloke called larry!

So onto the next which incidentally i got on the same day as the extension of the first one was in memory of my dad who sadly passed away when i was 16 from diabetes. now obviously this was a terrible time for me i always expected to grow old with him or at very least share a beer on my 18th birthday but it seemed this world had other plans. I remember the day well i was sat in my room (it was summer holidays) just chilling out watching tv when the house phone rang it was one of my aunties from Newcastle wanting to speak to my mum so i happily passed the phone over and went back to watching tv after about 30 minutes my mum came in and asked to have a word.

She sat me down and her words were” im not sure how to say this but i have to tell you……your dad died today” now i don’t quite remember what happened in the minuets after that as i broke down (as did my mum, i should mention that they weren’t together they separated when i was young but she was obviously equally as sad). after a good day or two of crying and feeling sorry for myself¬† i decided there and then that as soon as i was old enough i would get a tattoo of something to commemorate him.

The day of the tattoo arrived and I still hadn’t thought of what to have i mean how do you some up someone you love into a tattoo/picture so i went back to basics and simply had “Dad Forever Remembered on my upper left arm.

Now its common knowledge that tattooing is very addictive and with me this is no different and so my latest tattoo was done on impulse all because my friend was getting one and i had enough time to flick through a book full of idea’s the only downside¬† was i only had ¬£30 so it had to be small but never the less i went ahead and bartered a ¬£45 down to ¬£30 (that’s my inner salesman coming out) and about 45 minutes later i had my very first colour tattoo!

I picked it because im a big poker player… i love to play! and am quite familiar with some of the old stories/saying like why a queen and a three is called a gay waiter but that’s just simply a play on words lol.

Ive wanted more for a while but what with a mixture of lack of funds anytime i just havent had a chance to get more! but now what with things looking up  and summer just round the corner (yes that is a legitimate excuse) i think it could be time for some more! maybe starting with my legs and then when i have designed one good enough get a masterpiece on my back!

So hopefully soon you will see a new post entitled “my new tattoo’s!” and if not donate money towards my get me a tattoo fund! lol

My inspiration for this post was Single Mummy.net after reading about her tattoo’s the other night ūüėÄ

That Damn Postman Pat! May 15, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Even before I was blogging Em would often beg me to guest blog on hers about this “sore” subject.

Now when I was a kid I would often watch postman pat go about his ways delivering parcels in his van and that to me was good entertainment! but when I watched a recent episode with Oli I was left speechless!

So ok I want you to picture I try not to watch Oli’s programs as they have a tendency to confuse me but I thought meh its postman pat it should be good so im sat there and of course like I had expected they had improved the visual-ness of the cartoon which was fine but then the opening scenes began and he was in a helicopter…. A BLOODY HELICOPTER!! I mean come on really?? no wonder the uk’s postmen are always on strike I would be pissed if I didn’t have a helicopter too!


So after that shock I was introduced to pats new boss Ben. all I can say is what an arse hole! now the opening song clearly states that pat is a happy man but ive got to wonder how with a boss like that always checking up on Pat when he stops driving oh some of you might be wondering how he knows when pat has stopped moving well that’s another thing pat has trackers fitted to all of pats vehicles!! i could understand the helicopter but the van? so there is obviously no trust between ben and Pat and more than likely no love!

Worst boss ever

So back to pats vehicles he also has a motorbike and a small van. Why would one postman possibly need all of these vehicles surely it would just taken a van and *cringe* a helicopter.

He even has personalised plates!!

You never see the post office or Pat charging any of the customers for the deliveries and considering the program is actually called “Postman pat special delivery service” you would think people have to pay for a special delivery! I know i have too!

So you have to wonder whole is financially fueling the whole operation? because what with Fuel at an all time high they are filling up all of their vehicles and they seem to have a state of the art post office with hydraulic lifts and automatic sorting machines there must be a lot of taxes invested into it!

So we are about half way through the program and pat cocks up the delivery and has to detour to fix it and as soon as he gets out of his van as if by magic bens on the phone asking why he’s stopped….. i mean the guy is entitled toa fucking break! jesus! So yeah ben sticks his nose in and Pat fobs him off with an excuse that wouldn’t fool Oli and gets on his way.

It has come to my attention that Pat has never made a straight forward delivery there has always been some problem which either means getting help from other people, taking a detour getting another vehicle to use. But my question is how has he not been sacked?? I mean if at work there was a problem every time I sold a car they wouldn’t hesitate in giving me the boot so what makes pat any different (unless he has photographic evidence of an affair ben might be having).

So yeah thats my rant over sorry if I offended any one but it had to be said ūüôā

Thanks ūüėÄ

My strange phobia May 14, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Right heres a quickie just because i love to blog to you lot now ūüôā

There are lots of phobia’s around ranging from spiders to balloons and plenty more!

But mine is a bit special and until this day ive never met anyone else who shares this fear with me.

So here it is *drum roll please* i hope your sat down my phobia is of…. WET WOOD/CARDBOARD there im come out and said it now i can imagine what your thinking but honestly even the thought of drying up a wet wooden spoon sends tingles down my spine!

It even stretches as far as getting something out of the freezer if the box starts to defrost i cant touch it! ive had this phobia for as long as i can remember and its had quite the effect!

So like i said just a quickie to keep you all entertained im betting about 99% of you are now un subscribing and thinking what a weirdo! ūüôā

You now know my strange phobia now i want to know whats yours??

One for the gamers May 14, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Now i cant promise that this post will be to everyone’s taste but hopefully the majority will enjoy it ūüôā¬†

i¬†have quite a few hobbies, nothing unusual just going to the pub playing football now and then and things like that but when i¬†have a spare bit of time (or when oli’s¬†having a nap) i love to just chill out on my Xbox 360.¬†

I remember that my first ever games console was the legend that  is the Sega megadrive i got it from my mum for christmas and i was the envy of all of my friends as all they had were the non colour gameboys! (aaah the memories) so there i was connecting the 2 wires to set it up and i was ready to go. I can remember being immediately blown away by the amazing 2D graphics in colour!! and stunning sound effects! 


The Games it came with were Sonic, revenge of Shinobi, fifa 98 (dont quote me on the year i cant quite remember) and a few others. I can safley say i spent a good 3 hours playing it that day :). 

Next a good few years later came my Playstation which i think my mum again brought but it may well of been my dad. Now this was a machine like no other for starters it took a disk! now dont forget i was young, i was thrown that so much stuff could be stored on something so thin and brittle! well ok i still think like that but anyway! So yeah i had that amazing machine for quite a while then roughly a year later came one of my favourite machines ever! 

The PS1

My Second Console

The Nintendo 64 was quite possibly the greatest console of its time. Firstly it was capable of have 4 players at once without buying any add ons or multi controller¬†thingy mabobs¬†(like for the Playstation) so that was an instant like, nearly everyday after school it would be me and 3 mates playing Perfect Dark against each other. The only criticism¬†i¬†would have against the Nintendo 64 is that i¬†think that it was too greedy as yeah all consoles cost a fair wack¬†when they come out its expected but with the Nintendo 64 you had an added cost which was in the form of an expansion pack now as i¬†was still quite young i¬†was still at school and didnt¬†have a job i¬†relied on my mum to buy me what i¬†needed in the way of entertainment but i¬†couldnt¬†find a way to justify to her spending more money on a little chip that meant you could play the whole content of the game so i¬†went without untill one of my friends somehow got two!… cheers Gav!¬†


I had all three consoles hood up to the tv and depending on what mood i was in played on one of them after school and just when i could in general. now i can see how when reading this you are thinking blimey he never went outside! but no i did usually play football down the local field with a bunch of mates then play on it when i got back lol. 

So next came the PS2 but if you dont mind im gonna skip it as yes the introduction of 3d graphics and Lara croft from Tomb raider was all it had going for it in simpler terms it was a glorified Ps1 which i know was the point but not a great deal had changed in my eyes. 

So to the current my wonderful Xbox 360 which i brought with a mixture of birthday money and wages two years ago i was very excited as i was the last in all of my friends to get one so the day it came i connected it all up and dove straight in there and possibly played for like 5 hours lol. It was just something of pure brilliance for the first time i was playing online too which was mind-blowing! remembering how the graphics were on the sega this was just something else and i wasnt even playing on a HD TV. 


So to the current day i¬†still have my Xbox and have no current wishes to get rid of it and there are new games coming out each week so enough to keep me occupied im even training Oli¬†to play it and he loves to watch me play Fifa. Safe to say i¬†cant wait till he’s old enough to play im sure he’s gonna kick his dad’s butt¬†at it but i still cant wait!¬†

So in a nut shell i love my Xbox 360 to bits but my favourite Console without a doubt had to be the Nintendo 64. But thats just my opinion whats your favourite ever console!? ūüôā

well well well what have we here? May 13, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Well i never thought the day would come me blogging for actual people to read! but alas here it is the beginning of what hopefully will be a fun filled journey through that crazy thing called life.

So firstly i guess i should tell you a little bit about me and my back ground! well just for you here are some quick fire facts!

  • I’m 21 Years young
  • I drive a Ford Focus
  • I have a son called Oli
  • I was born in Oxford although never lived there
  • I have a slight addiction of playing on my xbox 360
  • my Girlfriend and mother of my child is called emma but others might know her as me the man and the baby.
  • we live in a cosy 2 bedroom house.
  • until i met Emma i had never watched love actually
  • Further to the last fact im so glad i now have what a film!
  • I sell prestige cars for a living!
  • i have made some very cool friends via twitter and hope to continue on here ūüôā

So enough about me for now im sure you will find out lots more in years to come.

This is sort of my first attempt at blogging which is not only a public cry for “please dont tell me its bad yet as im still working it out” but also im looking for tips and tricks that you all have to offer!

So i guess blogging is about writing up experiences and future plans etc so im just going to dive right in there!

*disclaimer my english teacher and i didnt quite see  eye tot therefor having an adverse effect on my education so any spelling mistakes/ grammer mistake i make i apologise now*

so let the madness that is my life begin….

Im going to start sort of basic some might say stereotypical but simply the adventure that was our trip to London yesterday.

we were of to london so Emma could cook with some other mummies with Anabel Karmel now london isnt the closest place in the world to us (135 miles to be exact) so i very happy when it got decided that we were going to meet up with some friends (Glowstars & Urbanvox) down there that in actual fact we had never met in real life (only through twitter) so that was exciting!

So like all good tales ill start with the beginning going to london usually takes us about 3 hours and Emma had decided that she wanted to arrive at about 11am meaning that we had to get up of the absolutely ridiculous time of 7am (dont forget this is on one of my days off!) so after getting the car packed up with goodies nappies and baby we started our adventure to London it was all going well right up until we got to Oxford (i swear that place is only good for having wonder children born there) and on a road called the A40 a very very inconsiderate motorcylist had deicded to crash into a car!

*another disclaimer i have an amazing sense of humor i’m sorry if it offends anyone but well actually no i’m not really that sorry but you get the idea*

so were was i oh yeah so the road had been closed both ways which caused about an hour and a bit of absolute boredom in the car! theres only so much eye spy you can play till it gets out of hand!

luckily Oli was asleep for the majority of the road works which was¬† a bit of a bonus. Now me being as impatient as i am was ready to turn around and head home but Emma persuaded me otherwise (thank god) so we battled through the traffic to eventually come to what can only be described as a troll like bridge and as i got nearer i could see this bridge was not helping with the traffice as it was a toll bridge…. a bloody toll bridge!! i think the council had really thought this one through i know lets stage a crash and then charge everyone to get past it! safe to say i was not amused!

So we pay the extortionate fee of 5p to get across this tiny bridge and then we were well on our way and actually made London in pretty good time from there although unfortunately too late for Emma and Glowstars to go to the event.

See now i say unfortunately but i think it was for the greater good as we had a fantastic day just hanging out and swapping childhood/embarrassing stories (which you will no doubt here about in the future).

*oh and final disclaimer as soon as i work out how to use all of WordPress it might look a little better too! :)*

WE were having such a good time we didnt even notice the time ticking buy and before we knew it it was 9:30pm and we had a good 3 hour journey ahead of u! So just like the start of the day only backwards we packed up the car and began our long (but quicker than on the way) journey home which we eventually finished at 12:15ish. it might seem like a long way to go just to chill out but i cant say enough how worth it it was we have now met two wonderful people¬† (and tasted quite possibley the best chilli ever!) and i can say for the both of us it may of been our first time visiting but if they want us back it wont be our last! ūüôā

So this is my first ever post i know i might have rambled on a lot but once i start writing i just cant stop! so i hope you have enjoyed it and i promise there will be lots more from the weird and wonderful life that is just a typical dad!