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Capping Housing Benefit October 28, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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I don’t like dipping into politics as I don’t know a great deal about it but when I saw this article get published I just couldn’t help but agree with it!

David Cameron Announced plans to enforce a £400 a week limit on housing benefit payments given out to people entitled. The current limit is a whopping £1,000 a week for a four bedroom house and an even bigger £2000 a week payout for a 5 bedroom! untill this article was published I had no idea  that there were those sorts of limits in place.

I’m not ashamed to admit I am entitled to housing benefit and gratefully receive it (but I am trying hard to work to get to a wage where I wont need it anymore!) but to put a better picture on it I live in a 2 bedroom house and receive less than £80 a month. I work hard for a living and earn an honest “modest” wage which is enough to keep the cupboards moderately full and the bill receivers at bay but I just need that little bit extra to square everything up!

Theres an old saying that is “if you can’t afford it you can’t have it” (I say old saying it might just be something my mum used to tell me!) which I think comes into play here ( I know im slightly contradicting myself here but I feel if you only need a small amount then surely that’s ok, it’s not that I can’t afford the rent I can easily pay that it’s just with all of the added bills it does become a little tight) but yeah surely if you need somewhere in the region of over £500 a week to help with rent payments then should you really be living there? are you not “punching above your weight” with your house?

I guess really more than anything im bitter that like I said I work hard for a living and pay my taxes and what for? so someone who could quite possibly be in the same financial situation as me to live in a bigger house? there’s something not quite right about that!

I would love to be able to live in a £8000 a month house and have it paid for by someone else well actually scratch that no I wouldn’t because at the moment I have a sense of pride about being able to pay 99% un helped! but the thought of not having to worry about rent payment is a nice one! 🙂

There are people who have legitimate reasons for claiming housing benefit and this is no way a rant about those in fact I encourage the benefit system where it is needed! but really £1000 a week (sorry im still getting over the shock of learning this)

I also feel that Keeping the old limits offers no incentive for people receiving it that aren’t in work to go back to work, well would you want to go back to work and risk loosing it?

Phew I think that’s the rant over! let me know what you think about it 😀



1. andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou - October 28, 2010

All that came to my head reading this was thank god you and Mr L didn’t into this conversation when you met otherwise we would still be there. He totally agrees with you by the way and rants about it a lot have to say!

2. Just a typical dad - October 28, 2010

haha honestly it just wound me up so much! I will remember to bring it up next time we meet 🙂

andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou - October 28, 2010

Don’t if you do Emma and I will need a fair few bottles to keep us going as he wont shut up about it trust me!

Just a typical dad - October 28, 2010

haha honestly i would just love to rant about it with someone that feels the same! i would even buy the wine! haha

3. Laura McIntyre - October 28, 2010

This winds me up something terrible , i know people will say some areas are more expensive and all that but then do what the rest of us would have to do and move out of the area .
And you know something- that is exactly what we are planning to do . We live in a 2 bed flat (5 of us) , and when it finally sells want to rent for a while . We plan to leave the town we are living in because it is expensive (even though it means leaving family / friends/school) because we cannot afford the house prices here

Why should it be any diffrent for anyone ?

My husband works 2 jobs so we can stay aflot , i see have “friends” living in lovely 4+ bedroom houses completly paid for but they don’t work .

Makes me MAD

Just a typical dad - October 28, 2010

its very frustrating isnt it that someone who doesnt work and has 3 kids can have a cushy lifestyle living in a 4 bedroom house paid for by us! i hope you find somewere you enjoy living and can start to live like you have been used to (making new friends etc) 🙂

Marylin - October 29, 2010

I can’t help but wonder if these people are fiddling with the benefits people by not declaring everything they’re supposed to, to be honest! :S

Just a typical dad - October 29, 2010

oh and you were my 300th comment thanks 😀

4. Becky - October 28, 2010

I’m currently 100% dependent on HB having split with my husband. I actually negotiated a lower rent with landlady to below local rate so it’s not excessive. Not sure how long I’ll be in this situation but I’m luckily not in an inner city with stupid rental prices.

Yes they have to reduce the HB budget but have they put something in place for those who will be priced out of places their families have lived in for generations?

Just a typical dad - October 28, 2010

See i agree with people in your situation getting HB as it is out of your control. The report does say it might force people to relocate so i cant imagine he has put anything in place to allow people to stay in family homes etc but again if your needing £1000 help with your rent then maybe its time to think about moving anyway?

5. Marylin - October 29, 2010

When the boys’ dad and I split, I was hurled into the world of housing benefits. Currently, as a single mum of two children, the maximum I’m allowed per week is £115.38. I was happy to get that, as it pays the majority of my rent (£600pcm as I’m having to privately let while waiting for a council house, probably will be waiting for the next 2-3 years… that’s another thing entirely though!). I would not be able to survive without it.
I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones. Because I am happy to live off a smaller amount. My youngest son is autistic, and I’m his carer. I likely won’t be able to get a steady job even when he’s at school as it will be almost certain there will be times (I’m thinking probably once a week-ten days) where the school will need to call me up to take him home if he’s having a bad day.
It’s scary to see the changes to DLA. At the moment it won’t affect us, but I worry about how Max will cope once he’s an adult. It’s a scary time to be reliant on benefits, but for those of us who are most definitely on a low income, it doesn’t seem to be going to be too much of an issue… so far. Maybe…

(sorry for the ramble… I do that a lot!)

Just a typical dad - October 29, 2010

lol dont i love it when people ramble on here 🙂 i totally agree though it wont effect us as we are only reliant on a tiny amount compared to some people! it still makes me mad that there is some low life out there that cant be bothered to work and that more than likley has 4 kids is getting his rent paid for him (or her) whilst you only get a tiny bit of help and you are genuinly stuck for a job. I agree there should be a degree of help with rent for people but that degree only stretches so far!
Thanks the ramble 🙂

Marylin - October 30, 2010

The ‘good’ thing is, with Max having been registered as disabled now with his autism, instead of scraping by, we can manage relatively comfortably. DLA and increases in tax credits, plus a carer’s allowance means that we can actually afford to save for Christmas etc, whereas before, I barely managed to scrimp by! I just hope that doesn’t change. When you’re in a situation that you *can’t* work, I do think that you should be able to live comfortably within your means, as it’s not your fault, know what I mean? In saying that though, I’d much rather my lil man was a regular healthy lil 3yr old than everything being so difficult for him (and his big brother and me!).

Just a typical dad - October 30, 2010

i totally agree with you and im glad your life is easier now. 😀

6. Tasha (Coding Mamma) - October 29, 2010

Will be back later to comment on this – nudge me if I forget. Have to go get girls now.

Just a typical dad - October 29, 2010

will do 🙂

7. Tasha (Coding Mamma) - October 29, 2010

OK. I’m back…

There are a couple of problems here. The first is that it’s going to cause issues because the people required to do the crappy jobs so that the stinking rich can live as they want – e.g. bin collectors, gardeners, cleaners, nurses, teachers… – will not be able to live close enough to do the work. Unless they pay them a lot more and, really, is that likely?

The second problem is that what this is is making a big thing about cutting something that pretty much everyone, rich or poor, is going to be happy about (because the talk is all of the scammers who don’t lift a finger, etc. etc. and not the hard-working people who need that housing benefit to stay in their jobs). And while we all get up in arms about these scammers (who are actually very few and far between), we ignore the rest of the housing cuts they are making. Because, I’m sorry, it’s not just the £400/week cap (which wouldn’t actually bring in much money). They’re changing the way it’s calculated, so that most people will get less. They’re going to force housing associations and councils to charge market rates (which, for those in London, will then price social housing out of housing benefit limits). And they’re going to cut the housing benefit of long-term unemployed (over a year) by 10%. At a time when they are making lots of people unemployed. Because, of course, having to find an £100/month, or even £20/month is going to make it easier for them to find work.

It’s quite possible that you will lose some of the small amount of money that you’re getting in housing benefit, when they recalculate it. Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

Anyway, I’m useless at debating this stuff – that’s usually Chris’ job, but I do have to speak up when I see good people falling for the propaganda, because that’s what it is.

I could go on, but I’ll get even more dull!

Keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t lose any of your housing benefit.

Just a typical dad - October 30, 2010

hey firstly i think your missing the point to my blog post here or maybe i just didn’t word it how i meant to (like i said politics really isn’t my thing) but the main “moan” in this post is that people before the cut could still claim up to £8000 a month to live in a house now even you have to agree that’s excessive?
so something had to be done about that no?
do you think that nothing should be changed? if not how would you change ( i am generally interested lol)
as for bin men and teachers are they not earning over £30,000 a year?
but again i cant emphasise enough politics really isn’t my thing i was just angry at the current limits to what people could claim!

8. Tasha Goddard - October 30, 2010

I’m useless at talking about politics and am awful at getting my point across so, even though this stuff is very important to me, I tend to avoid discussing it because I can’t make myself understood.

But… £8000/month might not be excessive. It depends on the circumstances. I believe the cap was based on the highest local rent in the country, which is somewhere in London. And – I don’t have the figures, as usual – the limit has rarely been claimed. The main point of this cap is to make everyone think the government is making a good decision so they ignore all the other ones where a whole bunch of people get burned.

Wish I had the time and experience to gather the facts this kind of discussion, though – as I say, I’m rubbish at it and probably am still not getting my point across!

9. keatsbabe - October 31, 2010

You can be pretty certain that no-one making the decisions that affect people’s lives like this have to worry about cuts. None of them even has to rely on a politicians salary. The cuts to DLA and to HB will have a huge impact.

But I think you are right to raise the issue. We DON’T know enough about it and we should, really, before we start passing judgment on those on any type of benefit.

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