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A Different Holiday October 27, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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Its been a fair while since ive been abroad on holiday and what with this cold weather we are having at the moment there’s no better time to daydream about being away!

The funny thing is ive done the “go away to a scorching hot place” holiday and yeah its good but I think im, after something different.

ive always been a fan of cold weather (the snow kind) so I think a skiing holiday would be ideal for me!

Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good bit of sun like everyone else but my philosophy on it is when your hot the most you can do is strip off but when your cold you can put as many layers on as you like!

So back to skiing im not a big fan of  long haul flights so I think I would try someone like France ski holidays as i could even drive if I wanted to!

I could picture it now there I am top of a snowy mountain fully geared up with a thick white sheet just waiting for me to glide down! and as I push of I expertly zigzag my way down even leaping over a few rocks as I go!

And as I come down spraying a layer of white gold with every twist and turn people admire my grace and stability! and just as I finish I hit a slope and end with a double backflip landing next to bar ready for a pint.

hahaha yeah right!

I would be like a drunk 3 legged bambi who is suffering vertigo on ice! im pretty sure after I kick off I would end up tripping over my own skis and become the largest human snow ball as I roll down the hill!

but even so its something ive always wanted to try and a ski holiday is something different! 🙂


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1. Spencer Park - October 27, 2010

For some reason going sliding down on a mountain strapped to two pieces of wood has never appealed to me. I can’t think why?

Just a typical dad - October 27, 2010

lol some people like the thrill some people dont! i guess its the same with a lot of things

2. World Spinner - October 27, 2010

A Different Holiday « Just A Typical Dad!…

Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

3. Emma - October 27, 2010

So when are you taking my skiing then??? 😉

Emma - October 27, 2010


Just a typical dad - October 27, 2010

im sorry i didnt think i mentioned you coming…………………………………nope no i didnt lol you’ll be babysitting silly! 😛 x

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