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What Has Parenthood Given You? September 27, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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Now I know the obvious question to the title is a baby but anyone with children will agree that it is a lot more than that!

When me and Emma where expecting Oli we had all of these expectations of what parenthood would be like and we often joked about the sleepless nights saying “it can’t be that hard” (well that was mostly me)

But its only once your child is born that you begin to realise that the life you knew yesterday doesn’t really matter anymore, because now you have an extra life to take care of and its only when you realise this that everything becomes real!

Now onto the reason behind this post, as I said at the start parenthood gives you a lot of things like the instant worry for this child that has only been alive for a day!

Another thing that a lot of parents get from parenthood is debt worries. This happened to me when I brought my first tub of powered milk and my first pack of nappy’s I think that bill alone came to over £20! Because I had been used to buying food for emma and me just as and when we needed it, it was a total shock to the system knowing that I would have to make sure there was plenty of food in for Oli when he is growing up!

But with Debt worries comes financial control now I wont lie this took me a good couple of months to take control of but when you realise that you need to space out your money and not spend it on things you don’t need you become in control and this is something that I have never been (as seen in an earlier post about debt).

Now I realise that sounds very negative and I wont lie there are a few more like the sleepless nights (that really shouldnt be joked about!) and also the tantrums etc but with every cloud…..

I think the greatest thing that parenthood has given me is maturity and a greater sense of responsibility. Before I Oli was born I was your just your typical 20-year-old I liked to go out drinking whenever I could, I would spend large amounts of money on things I didn’t need and well I was quite immature.

Since Oli was born that has all changed, I now save money where ever possible, I go out drinking every so often but nowhere near how much I used to, and my oh my havent I matured! It was only the other day that I was in a meeting with both my manager and the MD of the company talking about progress and they both commented how I would go far because i was very mature for my age.

Not many people have ever said this about me before and it was actually quite touching! it sent me away thinking “wow professional management think im mature!”

It has made me realise that with this new-found maturity I can progress through life well and it can lead onto a whole load of new and exciting things!

On a final note I suppose I should say that Parenthood also gave me this blog as before I had never really thought about creating one! and after Oli was born Both myself and Emma created one to share our lives with the rest of you! 🙂

So there you have it the most important thing that i got from parenthood ( so far) is maturity & responsiblity.

What did you get?



1. chickenruby - September 27, 2010

Life for you and Emma will change many more times over the years as Oli grows up and leaves home. However, each stage is the best and the worse and it doesn’t take long to adapt..when you do, it feels like it has always been like this. My 1st born, now 18, left home this month, I thought i’d never adapt…it took 2 days to stop crying and now it feels as if it has always been this way.

Just a typical dad - September 27, 2010

im pretty sure if emma has her way oli wont be moving out untill hes at least 30! and as for girlfriends im pretty sure she’s going to vet them all!
But i know what your saying there are certainly plenty of ups and downs of each stage 🙂

2. Alethea - September 27, 2010

Well done! It’s always nice hearing how parenthood affects a Dad cause I think us Mums tend to get all the attention. Admittedly we do most of the work for those initial nine months :-), but after that is had to be an equal partnership for it to work!

Really lovely post!

Just a typical dad - September 27, 2010

hehe im sure i had sympathy pains as emma had pains! im sure there is more “partnership” work to come 🙂

3. Vic - September 27, 2010

I grew up too. Of course I’ve done more of that in the last few weeks again too!

Just a typical dad - September 27, 2010

i dont think its all growing up though! i think its been toughening up too! 🙂

4. Matt - September 27, 2010

well said! 20 is young to have a baby. But it’s good because as Oli grows up you’ll be able to keep up with him. (My parents were in their 40’s when they had me, I’m in my 30’s now). Parenthood definitely gives you the sense that their are things at work in the universe that will always be greater than you.

Just a typical dad - September 27, 2010

Yeah it does! 🙂 and yeah it will be god to grow up with oli and still being young enough to enjoy it 🙂

5. Dustin - September 27, 2010

Becoming a father showed me that life is like a ride down roaring rapids. And nothing will ever slow down ever again. But as long as I have my wife and son in the raft with me, we just hold on, and enjoy the ride!

Just a typical dad - September 27, 2010

that a really nice way of thinking about it! 🙂 even if sometimes the other half does tempt me to through her over board 😀 (love you really)

6. web site - September 11, 2013

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I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the advice!

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