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Dear Blog/Readers June 3, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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Firstly i must apologies as i have neglected the blog for a few days due to a mixture of some major writers block and well lack of energy as the last few days have been pretty hectic what with trying to get my car up to to MOT passing level.

So as a way of saying sorry to my blog/readers i thought i would write a letter (because I don’t like apologising face to face) explaining where i have been and why i have neglected you all!

Dear Blog & Lovely Readers,

I must firstly apologise to you blog for the lack of new words posted on you recently (except for the comments). Life has been a bit hectic recently firstly i got paid on friday and well then it had gone by monday, on the saturday the car failed the MOT so like ive been shopping like a mad man for new parts and trying to fit certain parts my self.

I have a large confession to make…..ive been having an affair 😦 i know im sorry when i could have been on you i was on ….Facebook and the Xbox please don’t be mad! ive seen the error of my ways and i can change! 🙂

You know when you are having one of those weeks were when you do have a spare minute you just want to sit and relax? or is that just me?.

So that the first apology next is one aimed more at the readers, im sorry if i havent been commenting as much as i could on all of your blogs! In all fairness i have hardly been on the laptop in the last couple of day (its the truth check my timeline on twitter hehe) and as its going back tomorrow ( its a nokia notebook we got sent to review) its only going to get harder for me to but i make it my personal promise to try and comment on as many as i can, when i can, that is as long as there worth the comment! 😛

I finally have to make a massive apology to everyone! as it has only recently occurred to me the reason why people should blog when i first started i was a little addicted with how many hits i got a day and got upset if it dipped but now i realise that stats dont particularly matter what matters is that people actually want to read my tales of madness! even if thats 10, 20 or 100 hundred people it doesnt really matter (maybe as long as at least 1 person reads it).

So from now on the stats are last on my list of importance and just writing my thoughts/experiences and the odd review are going to come first. Hop you accept my apology and i promise il be better from now on.

Yours lovingly




1. The Ditzy Diaries - June 3, 2010

Apology – or should I say apologies – accepted..!

And I’m with you on not worrying so much about stats. Focus on doing what you love
and the rest will follow. 🙂

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010

thanks yeah thats what im going to do! 🙂

2. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps - June 3, 2010

I wondered where you had gone as it’s unlike you to be so quiet on the blog front for so long!! I was wondering what your views were on the new training they are bringing in for doormen as you used to be one. it was in the news earlier in the week and i thought of you (sssh don’t tell Emma ha ha). Could be a future post idea hmm?? Lol

3. Hoax Caller - June 3, 2010

You’re forgiven!

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010


4. urbanvox - June 3, 2010

consider yourself forgiven… 😉

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010

hehe i knew you would forgive me! whats this i hear about you learning ‘sod it’ haha

urbanvox - June 5, 2010

I used to use the portuguese version a lot… so now am updating it to english… hehehehe

5. JulieB - June 4, 2010

Flowers? Chocolates? Not a proper aplogy without them 😉

Just a typical dad - June 5, 2010

that can be arranged! 🙂

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