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Silly old men June 24, 2010

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Again this is being written on my iPhone (will the novelty ever where off) hehe.

So the other day I’m at work and it’s a case if same crap different day sort of thing when the phone rings.
I pick it up and say in my usual phone voice “good afternoon auction department Jon speaking” and I was greeted by a man who just by the sound of his voice I could tell was in his late 70s.
It then became clear that this gentleman was called tim from a company who I was dealing with and he didn’t sound happy!

So after a confusing 5 minutes I sort of started to understand what he was dribbling on about it turns out he thought I had sold a car to which I hadn’t and he had gone back to his boss and told him it was sold.
There was confusion because someone had asked me if £19500 would buy the car. So I asked tim the question and he said yea it would.

He obviously wet himself with excitement and thought that meant it was sold. But all it was, was someone showing interest. This he could not understand.

So I’ve got him on the phone and he’s getting madder and madder because I have an answer for everything. And then he snapped and and started calling me names and telling me I was useless etc to which I just stayed quiet and left him to it.

After a further 5 minutes of blaming me for his life problems he stopped and asked me why I had gone quiet and that answer was simply this ” your insults don’t effect me in the slightest as because you are considerably older than me this generally means you will die before me and as your lay in the ground being eaten by worms I will still be young enough to put on my best suit ,gel my hair perfectly, put on my best dancing shoes and do a jolly jig over you!”

Now of course I couldn’t say this to a client so my response was my usual ” leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do”
And you know what I sold that bloody car for £20000.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that did he really have to throw insults at me for 10 minutes over the phone because he cocked up? Nu uh!

Anyway I came out with the last laugh as his boss phoned to thank me and instead if 10 minutes of insults I had 5 minutes of praise and he then said how useless tim was! Result!!


Good times June 20, 2010

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So this week hasn’t been the best week ever what with my last post but you have to focus on the positive things in life don’t you so here’s the post that was supposed to be written when I got back from sunny old Wales!

Ok firstly before we went away me and emma went to something called a conversation with heston which was amazing we learned all about his past, ideas for the future and just stuff in general. We were glued to our (front row) seats for a solid 90 minuets whilst this legend talked to us.

I tried to take loads of pictures but the lighting was awful and plus I only realised at the end that I had been taking them on the VGA setting so the quality was also awful!

And then came Wales.

We set off for north Wales near enough as soon as I got in from work on the Friday (as you can tell it was a little last minute) and arrived at about 9:30 which wasn’t bad.

We got the key for our caravany thing and ventured off to find it. When we did find it we wernt impressed ! It was small, smelt funny and there was rubbish in the cupboard so first thing next morning I went on a mission!

I stepped into reception and vented my anger in the direction of a poor receptionist and quite quickly got an upgrade …….*result* hehe.

So with our new palace-like caravany thing we were happy. And went of exploring the local towns etc and also the beach.
The town we spent the most time in was called Rhyl which was a really nice seaside town with plenty of shops and fun things to do. And when we returned we went on the beach which was about 75 steps from our caravany thing!

After about an hour of beach events such as sand castle making and paddling we made our way back but oli decided he wanted one last paddle so ran into a large puddle swiftly followed by emma shouting “oli get back here!”

The next scene of events nearly killed me through laughter!

Emma ran in after him lost both flip flops then grabbed a very wet oli turned and screamed “aaaaaaah jellyfish” she didn’t know where to turn she got her flip flops and tried to run away but lost them again so left them screaming at me to get them and being met by my reply of “hell no you just said jellyfish your on your own” still whilst laughing a lot *snigger*

After that we just chilled out on and around the park.
It was really good to get away and just what we both needed!

So there you have it folks a more upbeat post about happy/good times.

Oh and yesterday I finally got an iPhone thanks to my lovely OH hehe and I’ve just written this while post on it yaaaaay iPhones hehe anyway cheers for all of your kind words in the past few days.


Lifes many questions and not so many answers June 15, 2010

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Todays post was supposed to be a happy one about my recent adventures to Wales and also when i went to see Heston but i woke yesterday morning and checked out facebook (how you do) and saw a message that literally stopped me in my tracks i almost fell to the ground when i read it.

it was just a simple wall message from of my friends to another so nothing unusual about that but as i read the comment i began to realise this wasnt just any old message and my deepest fear was confirmed when the message ended in “i hope you rest in peace”. I couldn’t talk I could barely even move I managed to click onto her FB page and saw a load of other similar messages and my heart sank and a tear ran down my cheek.

Before i even saw concrete evidence it already became apparent she was no longer with us. I got as far as a comment from her  brother stating she had died on saturday whilst in Thailand with no specific details apart from thanking people for the kind messages.

After leaving my own little message (it wasnt a lot as i was still in shock) I finalised my getting ready for work routine and set off. After about 5 minutes of driving my mind started to wonder and of course I began thinking about her, I began thinking about all of the things we had talked about and all the things i wish I could say to her now like how she is such a great friend and how I often took her for granted and that im also sorry i never got the chance to say goodbye before she left for Thailand.

I first met her when i worked at a garden centre near where i live and we got off to a great start just chatting away about everything.

From then on we became near enough best friends! although there was a period where we didn’t we only communicated via txt/msn just because our lives where too hectic to meet up but we managed to catch each other now and again.

The biggest regret i have about her is not saying goodbye when she left to go traveling, this is because A. I hate saying goodbyes and B. she broke her phone so she didn’t get my text saying it anyway.

and now I guess it’s too late to say ” see ya later have a great time!” the only time I have to say goodbye now is when she is lay in a coffin at the front of a church.

previously i have said that i was a believer of the belief that everything happens for a reason but this has now put a great deal of doubt in that as how can anyone justify taking someone like Becky she never did anything bad towards anyone!

So as much as it hurts every time something reminds me of her i know life has to go on but she will always have a place in my head where i will remember the good times we had!

RIP Becky Callaghan

Whats in your fridge? June 9, 2010

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I recently visited a friend who works for a food delivery company and as i was leaving he asked if i wanted anything out of his fridge at first i thought this was a bit of an odd question but when i opened it up i was greeted by bottles of milk, tubs of butter pasties, microwave burgers, cheese, cheese spread and there was just packs and packs of the stuff!

It was obvious he was getting it from work (What a great perk!) and it didn’t stop there he took me through to his conservatory where he had crates of energy drinks, milkshakes ready to go into the fridge, squash, juice and lots more!

Safe to say i was taking him up on his offer! i came away with: –

  • 3 packs of bacon
  • 2 packs of sausages
  • a crate of energy drink (about 40 cans)
  • 3 packs of squirty cheese
  • 3 packs of cheese spread
  • 1 pack of cheese
  • 5 pepporarmies
  • 6 microwavable snacks
  • 2 pints of milk
  • 2 milkshakes

Not bad for free eh?

So now he’s offered his services when ever i need anything! how good is that! and theres so much more he can get like bread, eggs etc.

So after coming home with my bags of goodies i went about putting them in the fridge & freezer and its only when i stood back and had a look i realised how much stuff he had given me! take a look for yourself!

Haha see its a lot!

Now im trying to do this post so it doesnt sound like a meme as that wasnt the idea behind it! but if you feel the urge to announce how your fridge is looking then dont fight it let the world know if yours looks as strange as mine! 🙂 or if you have a super healthy lettuce leaf and bottle of water type fridge 🙂

Just on a quick random note you would not belive how long it has taken me to write this post! damn Coronation Street! and your twisted distractions! even though in the back of my mind i knew what was going to happen i still felt i had to watch it oh and wait gail has just been found…….(writing this in real-time lol)………OH YOUR JOKING im sure they were supposed to announce that tonight oh well that just spoilt the lot i was half expecting to see Tony sat in the jury! haha anyway enough random ramblings from me hope you have enjoyed and if not ~(and you have a blog about finding the right dentist??? yeah strange i know) then you can shove your comments up your arse! 🙂

Happy days

The clear, the white and the purple! June 5, 2010

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I recently got offered some Wilko sun cream for kids to review to which i happily accepted and to my surprise when it arrived there was not just one container of sun cream but three!

Sun care products

First to grab my attention was a blue bottle that was aloe vera after sun gel which when i opened it was a clear gel, the next bottle that i opened was the SPF 6 sun lotion (for adults & older children) which was your average white cream.

Then i spotted the bottle of sun cream for kids and as i opened it up what was i greeted with not clear, not white but purple….yes purple sun cream!

Purple sun cream!

i wasnt the only one to get excited about it as i squirted some out onto my hand Oli came rushing over and let out a squeal of excitement.

Now im going to be totally honest with you i did fear that oli was going to look like a little alien running around bt as soon as i started to rub this purple gel in it went clear and blended in to the skin!

As we have been having some really hot weather recently it has really come in handy. usually Oli is really fussy about having sun cream (or pretty much anything for that matter) he usually wiggles about and tries to run away. but with the purple sun cream he was fixated on it going on to his skin (which belive me made things sooo much easier)

The adult sun cream also played its part last week. With my job i spend quite a bit of time outside (checking over cars etc) and what with the recent burst of sun ive had to slap some sun cream on.

Now i did already have some sun cream but upon opening the Wilko sun cream i could instantly tell just by the smell that this was better stuff. Then when applying i didn’t get the usual stickiness, it went on and blended in well.

Now because im cautious i tend to use after sun after really hot days even if i dont think ive but so upon applying the aloe vera after sun i could tell i had slighty burned but the after sun started soothing straight away!

I would advise buying these products to anyone with or without children! the purple sun cream almost ended up being used on me i enjoyed it that much! 🙂

Dear Blog/Readers June 3, 2010

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Firstly i must apologies as i have neglected the blog for a few days due to a mixture of some major writers block and well lack of energy as the last few days have been pretty hectic what with trying to get my car up to to MOT passing level.

So as a way of saying sorry to my blog/readers i thought i would write a letter (because I don’t like apologising face to face) explaining where i have been and why i have neglected you all!

Dear Blog & Lovely Readers,

I must firstly apologise to you blog for the lack of new words posted on you recently (except for the comments). Life has been a bit hectic recently firstly i got paid on friday and well then it had gone by monday, on the saturday the car failed the MOT so like ive been shopping like a mad man for new parts and trying to fit certain parts my self.

I have a large confession to make…..ive been having an affair 😦 i know im sorry when i could have been on you i was on ….Facebook and the Xbox please don’t be mad! ive seen the error of my ways and i can change! 🙂

You know when you are having one of those weeks were when you do have a spare minute you just want to sit and relax? or is that just me?.

So that the first apology next is one aimed more at the readers, im sorry if i havent been commenting as much as i could on all of your blogs! In all fairness i have hardly been on the laptop in the last couple of day (its the truth check my timeline on twitter hehe) and as its going back tomorrow ( its a nokia notebook we got sent to review) its only going to get harder for me to but i make it my personal promise to try and comment on as many as i can, when i can, that is as long as there worth the comment! 😛

I finally have to make a massive apology to everyone! as it has only recently occurred to me the reason why people should blog when i first started i was a little addicted with how many hits i got a day and got upset if it dipped but now i realise that stats dont particularly matter what matters is that people actually want to read my tales of madness! even if thats 10, 20 or 100 hundred people it doesnt really matter (maybe as long as at least 1 person reads it).

So from now on the stats are last on my list of importance and just writing my thoughts/experiences and the odd review are going to come first. Hop you accept my apology and i promise il be better from now on.

Yours lovingly