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You never miss things till there gone May 30, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in general stuff.
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There are all sorts of lessons learnt in life but none fewer more important then ‘ you only miss things when they have gone’ otherwise know as taking things for granted etc.

you may learn this lesson quite a few times during your life, and if your anything like me you will keep trying to learn the lesson but you never do! 🙂

So my most recent occurence in this particular lesson was with my car.

Last saturday (being the 29/05/10)  my car went in for its MOT  ive had the car three years now and its never failed………………untill now.

Il explain something about  my car its been  in one crash that wrote one fiesta off and i accidently went into a big pillar which caused further damage the front. But all of these things were done before my last MOt and it passed then as in all fairness the damage isnt too bad it just needs a new bumper and bonnet due to a few scrapes and a small dent!.

So i took in on saturday morning thinking A. it would be the same as last year as i have not crashed since  & B. since it was my landlords company doing it, it would be fine!. Wasnt i wrong.

After about 30 minutes of waiting the mechanic came in and said those words i thought i would never hear ‘ im afraid im going to have to fail it’  safe to say i was shocked and disappointed.

It failed  : –

  • 2 damaged tyres
  • New Headlight due to it being damaged from the accident with the fiesta
  • New rear coil spring (due to me having a fractured one

Now it might only seem like three things but for parts ONLY now i cant stress the only bit enough i was quoted £225 and if you add labour into the equation it hits well over £300 and at the moment that one hell of a lot of money!

And that’s when it kicked in just whilst i was sat there in front of the mechanic was printing off my red fail certificate I realised that if i don’t get these problems fixed then in 10 days i wont have a car!

Without a car i wouldn’t be able to get to work (which is ironic as im a car salesman) & wouldn’t be able to get around in general. Now when you tried as hard as i did to get my license (it took me 5 attempts) you NEED to have a working car just to show that all of that money and lessons meant something!

As the town i live in is a fairly small one we often go to other places to go shopping that would have to come to a stop and well if i cant get to work then i would have no choice but to give it up and that can only mean bad things! :(.

So with gritted teeth and very a very tight bank balance i went ahead with plans to get the stuff fixed on my car and after a little searching i managed to get a few bits for just over £100 which is better than what i had been quoted now i just have to go about fitting them which  might prove a little trickier but how hard can it be! haha.

So this coming week we are going to have to tighten out belts to the highest notch no scratch that we are going to have to make a new notch! but it’s just something we have to do otherwise no car!

So again i come away thinking i must not take things for granted but it never sinks in and im sure the next time i have to learn that lesson is just around the corner!



1. NickMyDaddyCooks - May 30, 2010

I used to take my sanity for granted until I realised I was mad, sometime around the age of 17 and a half!
I used to take Thierry Henry for granted until he buggered off to Spain.
I used to take my best friend for granted until he was killed in a car crash.
So yes, you are so right, we don’t know what we have got until we lose it (although in the case of some of my ex girlfriends, the OPPOSITE is true!!!)

2. Emma - May 30, 2010

It means I’m going to have to find a job and also buy you a bike! :d x

Just a typical dad - May 30, 2010

haha yeah right! x

Emma - May 30, 2010

I will get one.. Even if I have to become a Mcd’s girl! 😉 xx

3. NickMyDaddyCooks - May 30, 2010

ps – what I meant with that last comment was that I was pleased to see the back of them! I realised it was a touch ambiguous!

Just a typical dad - May 30, 2010

haha i knew what you meant! i have the same feelings! 🙂 (about the ex girlfriends anyway i was quite glad when henry buggered off haha)

4. UrbanVox - May 30, 2010

I wish I culd say I’m good at learning lessons…

Just a typical dad - May 30, 2010

hahaha im sure we will all learn one day!

5. Sarah - June 1, 2010

Gutted. My car went in for MOT on Saturday too, but luckily passed. Though, there’s a bad oil leak apparently so I need to get that sorted. Found out afterwards that I pretty much had no oil, so I had to buy some just to keep the car running in the meantime.

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010

haha my old car had a big oil leak i spoilt so many peoples drive ways! haha

6. Claudia - June 1, 2010

Ugh, I think people want to become mechanics to screw around with the rest of the world 😦

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010

haha i knew i should of gone to college to become one! but i do agree im sure they enjoy failing people lol!

7. Ardith - June 2, 2010

Bummer about your car! Just when we think everything’s peachy-keen… it seems that cars are always the things to “surprise” us.

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010

haha i think its because theres so much that can go wrong with them luckily ive got mine all done and road legal again now! (for now lol)

8. Sadako - June 3, 2010

Aww–sorry about your car! 😦

Just a typical dad - June 3, 2010

hey thanks! its all fixed up and road legal for another year now yaaay!

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