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questions questions questions! May 27, 2010

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Somebody at work today said something that really got me thinking! (yeah your right it wasnt work related) they said “jon what if someone invented a time machine could you imagine how different life could be” and in all fairness this is possibly the most intellectual thing this kid has ever said to me so i was a little taken back by it but its something that played on my mind all day what if someone really did make a time machine?  just think off the possibilities!

Im a firm believer that nothing is impossible so im sure one day this will become a reality and you never know the person who does might come back and let me know they have which would make me alter this post so watch this space!! 🙂

And so back to me daydreaming at work i thought what would be the first thing i would do where would i go (im pretty sure i cant be the only person to have ever done this at work lol). i firstly decided i would go to the day i was born (stereotypical i know) but just to see if it was anything like when oli was born just to see my mums reaction of holding me for the first time and all that jazz.

Then i got a little more adventurous and thought of all of the things you could change by having a time machine i mean just think of all of the lottery wins you could have! ha! but no i thought of all of the wars you could help prevent! just by convincing hitler he was a gay jew would have made a whole lot of difference!

Im not sure why but ive always fancied paying a quick visit to the medevil times but in my own clothes etc you would be thought of as a god! either that or a wizard but either would be fine!

The saying ‘Nobody is perfect’ couldnt be more true as everybody has things in their life that they wish they hadn’t done i mean there is the saying ‘No regrets’ but that can’t apply to everything for example i wish i could go back and tell myself about debts and things like that! but stuff like that is sort of boring so il move on!

So after a good two hours of thinking of all of the things i could do/go/be if i had a time machine i got asked another question (by the same person) which was ‘what would i do if won the euro millions’ now i know this quite a common question/fantasy and untill i thought about the time machine i had always said fast cars big houses etc but now i go into much more detail here are a few things i would do.

For starters i would find out where the people who ever called me names etc at school and i would buy the house (if they were renting) and then make there life hell i mean landlords are like gods these days arent they, they could say jump and you would say how high as without them you have nowhere to live! *bitter and twisted i know :)* i would then invest in some low risk shares so that oli could use that money when he needed it later on in life. i would then obviously buy a super fast car and a big old house in the country 😛 .

I would quite possibly go mad with power and waste all of my money on silly things! and be skint after a year or so but it would be one hell of a year 🙂

so i finally got on with some work and a little while later i got a tap on the shoulder and the same voice said jooooooon ‘What if…..’ he got greeted with a ‘ Calum shut the hell up we have to do some work now!!’ lol



1. Seán Kelly - May 27, 2010

If I had a time machine I’d go back in time and buy shares in microsoft around 1990, then sell them around 2004.

Just a typical dad - May 28, 2010

i had the same thought but with shares in Coke (the Legal Kind) but i think yours might pay out more! lol

2. mark - May 27, 2010

If I had a time machine I’d want to forward not back. To see my kids after I’m gone, to see what happened to my house, to check up on the wife!

Just a typical dad - May 28, 2010

haha im not sure why i didnt think about traveling into the future more! i suppose its becasue i know where ad when to go to in the past and i know what to expect! lol but youve got me thinking now! oh god another two hours of day dreaming at work! 🙂

3. suki - May 28, 2010

LOL – some people would say that time traveling already exists, but it’s unfortunate I’ve not had the chance to use it yet. 🙂

Just a typical dad - May 28, 2010

haha i wanna meet these people!

4. Sarah - May 29, 2010

I worry a lot about the future so I’d probably take a few trips there just to make sure things were going ok. Then I’d probably want to visit almost every century since the beginning of time just to see how much of what we think we know about history is correct.

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