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my few years as a doorman May 26, 2010

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Back when i was 17 i had always wanted to follow in my brothers footsteps and become a doorman im not sure why but its something that always appealed to me so i had connections through my brother at a local security company so it was arranged i could do the course for my SIA badge and start working doing security!

I was still at school doing my a levels when i started so i stuck to weekends and at the very beginning just did what is know as static work which is just being a security guard. I was managing to squeeze in about 30 hours a weekend working nights securing an office block! and then after about a month i moved onto to working my first door.

I was fairly nervous as i had never had any previous self defense training and the course doesnt train you to do a lot but never the less i turned up at a club called mojo’s (in my hometown) and worked along side a man called wayne who was my superior.

The night went smoothly and i started to realise that when i wasnt working the doors and wanted to i wanted it to kick off but when i was working them i was terrified it might kick off! so after a week at that club i was moved onto another club (purely because i didnt want to work in my hometown.

The next club was called montells and is located in a place called tewksbury now this club was known to be a little more rough than the one i had previously worked at and again i was nervous but when i arrived i met the team (there was 5 of us) and i felt reassured as these where quite big lads!

So the night was going well only a small bit of trouble that was dealt with by the two on the front door when suddenly the manager walks up to me and tells me that two brothers (twins actually) had been pouring there own pints without paying and he wanted them out so i radioed through to the other doorman in the room and got him to come over i explained everything to him and we went to ask them to leave.

naturally they didnt want to so with a bit of guidance we were walking them to the doorย  when something inside them suddenly clicked and they went mad! the one i had broke away from me and the one bennett had (sorry should have told you names earlier) was struggling with him

Hold on!…..

i should probably mention that bennett is a near enough 7 foot monster who weighs in the 20 odd stone area and to look at is actually quite scary.

Anyway back to the club so i grab my twin and throw him towards the door as bennett man handles his out and suddenly out of nowhere my grabs a bottle out of his jacket……..the next few moments i remember like it happened 5 minutes ago it sort of went into slow motion (you know what i mean) and i saw him raise the bottle into a position to his me and i knew i would never raise my hands quick enough to defend myself so i braced for what i thought was going to be the most painful moment in my life yet and suddenly the front door to the club opened and a person grabbed the bloke with a bottle disarmed him and threw him into the road. Who was it i hear you asking? well to my amazement and everyone elses! it was my brother! he was popping in to see how i was getting on and well right place right time comes to mind! phew!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So i worked there for a few weeks and built up my confidence and learnt a few moves! i was then offered a place at a gay bar in cheltenham now dont worry i laughed at first too but i thought you know why not everyone needs a doorman why not me? so i accepted and began the next saturday night and i was surprised at what i was met with!

i began my shift at 10Pm and was working with a female called emma who was my superior as she had been there longer and it ran smoothly for about a month with only the odd small bit of trouble then gemma got herself pregnant (yeah selfish i know!) and had to stop working so for a short period i worked on my own untill 12am and then was joined by someone from a pub down the road.

So one night i think it was a saturday (by now i was doing thurs, fri and sat) everything is normal, by now i had made a fair few friends at the club and was chatting away as the club had a steady flow of people coming through the doors little did i know that 2 of them were going to ruin my evening! i had a radio shout from one of the barmen saying he had to rude/abusive customers and could I ask them to leave to as i was on my own i asked them both to the front door. I got them to the front door and explained that they had to leave to which they reacted badly just swearing and calling me names petty stuff really and then something bizzar happened a man that i had noticed standing across the street for a while walked over saidย  “hello son” to the boy i had evicted and went to walk in now the man was about late 40’s early 50’s but was obviously a chav so i put my arm out and stated that he couldn’t go in as i had just evicted his son…..his took this very badly.

He shoved me up against the door with his hand around my neck shouting at me and this time i wasnt going down without a fight so i managed to shove him back and push him away but fighting two people is not the easiest of things as, as soon as i had pushed one away the other would hit me and so on this went on for about 10 minutes (the longest ever) but i stayed on my feet and luckily (although the cloakroom boy had called the police) the person joining me at 12 walked round the corner and rushed to my aid! he threw the dad into the road and as soon as they saw the odds even up they legged it the police then arrived and gave chase.

They caught them hiding down an alley way, i was told this news as i was giving my statement upstairs in the club. I was still a bit shaken but more than anything i was buzzing yeah maybe a little bruised and cut slightly but the adrenalin was pumping through me! i was glad they got caught and they both got prosecuted and i got a pay out but that night taught me one very valuable lesson…. Never work on your own!.

After that i was soon made head doorman which was a pay increase and ment i was everyone’s boss who worked with me and for quite a while that was my now very good friend bennett we made the perfect team whenever there was trouble we dived int there head first and dealt with it i was beginning to get a name for myself as a good doorman which i was very happy about! as i was near enough the youngest doorman in cheltenham!

So for the next few years i had on and off trouble with the odd fight here and there and grew to love my job! not for the violence or power but for the specialness i met some really good people! including Emma! i remained at the gay bar going through a few door partners untill i got to my last one who was called becky. Becky was pretty on the ball when she joined although she had never worked the doors before she listened and learnt very well and we got on very well too (she was old enough to be my mother)and we spent a good few months working together!

Last year oli was born and the realisation hit me that the only reason i was earning so much working was because it was dangerous i have had a few close calls in my time including knives, glass bottles, drugs, fights and a few more and what would oli and emma do if one night i got the wrong guy at the wrong time and i didnt come home.

So my time had come to an end i resigned from doorwork just before my badge expired much to the shock of quite a few people. I got some kind messages off ex colleagues and people from the club and even some offers to go elsewhere but no i had done about 3 years worth and had my fun so i handed the reins over to becky.

As far as i know she is still there running the show (i pop in now and again) and all is still well with the club. Im not going to lie i do miss it a lot but not nearly as much as i know my family would miss me if something bad happened.



1. kailexness - May 26, 2010

Wow, that’s a tough job eh!

Just a typical dad - May 26, 2010

sometimes! other times it was sooo easy you wouldnt believe! lol

2. Emma - May 26, 2010

I Love You darling , Thank You for giving up something I know you enjoyed lots for us xxx

3. Jess - May 27, 2010

New reader here…think I gotcha from Kat over at 3 Bedroom. Anyway, very interesting story! Gotta have fun when you can…though I don’t think that working the door is something I would be able to do!

4. Just a typical dad - May 27, 2010

haha its a job anyone can do! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Bruno - May 27, 2010

Dangerous job indeed. Yeah it’s difficult to have a lifelong doorman career and a family.

Just a typical dad - May 27, 2010

yeah although when i was doing it i never thought of quitting! the price of renewing your badge helped me make up my mind too! lol

6. @jencull - May 27, 2010

Wow, if you were my OH I would have been terrified all the time, good call:) Jen.

Just a typical dad - May 27, 2010

hehe thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

7. Naomi - May 28, 2010

Wow, that’s a pretty cool story, especially about your brother coming by to see you at the right time! It’s a pretty awesome decision that you made to change jobs because of your family, kudos! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a typical dad - May 28, 2010

yeah it was a pretty epic moment i should write a book about my doorwork! lol and yeah i sometimes make the right choices ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Louise @ WeeWifie's World - June 14, 2010

Just read all that… my sons Dad started working as a doorman on top of his other jobs after I had D. He did it right up to about 6 months or so ago. I wish he’d done that… put our kid first. Too many times he rolled into bed (when we were together – we split when D was a year and half old) at about 6 or 7 am after having to go to A+E after being punched or even knocked out etc!!! I never seen any of the ยฃ from that job either, and he admitted to me he DID lie how much he was earning, so he could use it to buy booze and fags. Twat.

But still, he does the dangerous stuff… he’s in the TA and has done Afghan and Iraq front line. Afghan when we first got together, then got called up to Iraq when I was preg, trained for it most my pregnancy then went out to Iraq for first 6 months or so of D’s life. Worried sick I was that he’d not come home, or if he did, he’d come home maimed. He’s goin back to Iraq next year too…

Can never understand that… why folk with children would put them at risk of having no Dad/Mum. I think the Army is a single persons job I really do… no place for someone with dependents who need them to be alive. You can see why his Dad and I never worked out huh!!

I bet you saw some bitchy catfights at the gay bar hehe!! I had all sorts of images floating around me when I was reading that! =)

But I’m glad you gave it up… you’re a good man, doing that for your Emma and Oli.

Just a typical dad - June 16, 2010

haha i know for a fact that a lot of doormen have different reasons for doing it. Some good reasons some not so good!
I think the same can be for people joining the forces i know a few people that did it as a last resort when there was just no other jobs available to them and others i know have done it just to carry on family tradition. i know what your saying about the army being a single persons job i think it takes a very special kind of woman to be a forces wife!, i personally couldnt do it!
and as for cat fights yeah i saw and got involved with my fair share. People always wondered why i had incredibly short hair when working the door its because the women (after trying to punch me, yes punch!) would try to grab whatever they could and 9 times out of 10 this would be hair. and as for the men well im not going to lie the gay ones were the same! but the homophobic that used to come and tried to cause trouble had erm “different treatment” to just gays kicking off.
Thanks for a really good comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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