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I was a hero shhhh May 25, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in work stuff.

Just a quickie to tell you about the excitement that happened work today!

So we are all sat in the office working away when i realise i need to grab a package from reception so i  make my way out of the office and head to a car and when i do i smell something strange in the air, So i look left and can’t see anything and then i look right and im met with a unit a couple down from us is ablaze!

So i rush into the office to spread the gossip! and we all run outside.

Now im going to tell yu the version  i told Emma and then il tell you the real one.

So i ran outside with my work colleges and noticed a woman and child trapped in the building and so without a thought about my own life i rushed in a saved them! it was only when i had got them both out that she told me that the family pets were still in there, so again i rushed in through the flames as they were licking at my skin and found the 3 cats 2 kittens 1 dog and the guinea pig!

After a quick pause for a breath i ripped off my shirt grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and started to put the flames out whilst not even caring if my six pack got burnt i edged closer to the burning building with the extinguisher getting more and more empty.

With the extinguisher coughing out its last breath of liquid i grabbed a bucket and ran to the lake which was about 20 feet away and began dousing the flames with the bucket of water by the time the fire crew had arrived there was only one room left to extinguish  which they quickly did i then put my emergency shirt on kissed the baby on the head and went back to work and sold a few cars!

ok so heres how it really happened!

Everything up to me getting everyone one outside to look my initial thought was ooooh look a fire and then oh damn the camera is in another building! so i ran (yes ran) to get the camera and took some pictures! although the flames had died down a bit by then.

Then three fire engine arrived and after about an houir put it out. Luckily there was only about 40 cars in there and no people. Although we had gone back in the office bu this point ha.

So yeah that was my excitement today but if emma asks i was the hero! 😀



1. JenC - May 25, 2010

Hey, you are good at this. There was some nice tension going in the first bit 😀

2. Just a typical dad - May 25, 2010

haha i still belive thats what really happened 😀

3. urbanvox - May 25, 2010

Super hero man!!!! 😉

PS: Did she actually believe ya???? 🙂

4. Just a typical dad - May 25, 2010

Hell yeah! Except for the guinea pig bit ha!

5. janjan - May 26, 2010

hahaha! you almost got me. thought i was watching a movie. 🙂

Just a typical dad - May 26, 2010

haha it was pretty epic wasnt it…. now i think about it i could make a small movie out of it…. lol

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