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Wordless Wednesday (My Desk At Work) May 19, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Uncategorized.

So apparently its something called wordless Wednesday which ive never done before so if i get it wrong im sorry! but as far as i can gather i just have to put some pictures up with some captions (please please correct me if i have done this wrong!) 

So for this week i have chosen to show you a few pics of the place where i work(and where im blogging from) enjoy! 

My Desk as clean as ever

My organised top draw of very important things!

Some of my cars waiting to be washed!

some more cars ready to sell!

My run around for the day

The Auction Rostrum

Cars Ready For The Next Auction

Well there we go hope you have had an interesting insight into my work place! 

Same time next week? 🙂  



1. JenC - May 19, 2010

That desk is tidy, seriously, it is and the drawer has enough room to rifle through it. You are doing well 🙂 Jen.

2. Just a typical dad - May 19, 2010

hehe the thing is i have two below it that are bulging with pure crap! lol

3. UrbanVox - May 19, 2010

I tought wordless wednesday was suposed to be wordless… hehehehehe… 🙂

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