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My Tattoo’s Present and future May 18, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Now I know that everyone on here has probably done this but the way i see it everyone has different reasons for having tattoo’s so hopefully his wont be as repetitive as others. 🙂

Ill start with my biggest one which is on my right upper arm which is a tribal tattoo. now when i was younger i thought trial’s were common and didn’t want one as everyone seemed to have them.

it was only one day when i was 17 i was in quarantine at school in between exams (something to do with my exams overlapping so therefor i had to sit in a room with a teacher in silence for about 2 hours) i just sat there and began to doodle, as you do, and after about 30 minutes i realised i had began to draw a bit of a pattern and it didnt look too bad so i carried on and coloured it in and thought ye that would look bad as a tattoo!

So near enough on my eighteenth birthday i booked a few hours with a new tattooist in town and explained what i wanted done and waited patiently for that day to come!

So yeah after a good couple of hours it was complete and it looked really good! and for the next couple of days i couldn’t stop looking at it. But the more i kept looking at it the more i wanted it bigger!

Back to the pen and paper i went but it wasnt boredom that inspired me this time it was one night im doodling things and i have the tv on in the background and suddenly i see my inspiration! i realised that the film from dusk till dawn is on and george clooney has a wicked tattoo that you can just see creeping above his collar line and that was it that what mine needed to be extended at the top!

Now i know having a visible tattoo above the neck line looks quite unprofessional so i designed one to creep just below so i had the best of both worlds! so another couple of hours and pain, my god don’t ever get the side of your neck tattoo’s MY GOD IT HURTS! it was done! and i was happier than that bloke called larry!

So onto the next which incidentally i got on the same day as the extension of the first one was in memory of my dad who sadly passed away when i was 16 from diabetes. now obviously this was a terrible time for me i always expected to grow old with him or at very least share a beer on my 18th birthday but it seemed this world had other plans. I remember the day well i was sat in my room (it was summer holidays) just chilling out watching tv when the house phone rang it was one of my aunties from Newcastle wanting to speak to my mum so i happily passed the phone over and went back to watching tv after about 30 minutes my mum came in and asked to have a word.

She sat me down and her words were” im not sure how to say this but i have to tell you……your dad died today” now i don’t quite remember what happened in the minuets after that as i broke down (as did my mum, i should mention that they weren’t together they separated when i was young but she was obviously equally as sad). after a good day or two of crying and feeling sorry for myself  i decided there and then that as soon as i was old enough i would get a tattoo of something to commemorate him.

The day of the tattoo arrived and I still hadn’t thought of what to have i mean how do you some up someone you love into a tattoo/picture so i went back to basics and simply had “Dad Forever Remembered on my upper left arm.

Now its common knowledge that tattooing is very addictive and with me this is no different and so my latest tattoo was done on impulse all because my friend was getting one and i had enough time to flick through a book full of idea’s the only downside  was i only had £30 so it had to be small but never the less i went ahead and bartered a £45 down to £30 (that’s my inner salesman coming out) and about 45 minutes later i had my very first colour tattoo!

I picked it because im a big poker player… i love to play! and am quite familiar with some of the old stories/saying like why a queen and a three is called a gay waiter but that’s just simply a play on words lol.

Ive wanted more for a while but what with a mixture of lack of funds anytime i just havent had a chance to get more! but now what with things looking up  and summer just round the corner (yes that is a legitimate excuse) i think it could be time for some more! maybe starting with my legs and then when i have designed one good enough get a masterpiece on my back!

So hopefully soon you will see a new post entitled “my new tattoo’s!” and if not donate money towards my get me a tattoo fund! lol

My inspiration for this post was Single Mummy.net after reading about her tattoo’s the other night 😀



1. Jenny Paulin - May 18, 2010

I am not really one for tattoos if I am honest but I like your tribal style one.

2. Just a typical dad - May 18, 2010

thanks! yeah they are not for everyone some people jsut prefer to admire rather than go under the needle! after he went on my next i was almost one of those people!! lol

3. Kat - May 18, 2010

I have been considering a large tattoo across my back of cherry blossoms (representing change and rebirth), since, duh, military life is nothing but change.

Just a typical dad - May 18, 2010

i see where your coming from and i say do it! though might take a few sessions! but yeah sounds awsome!

4. amy aka miss cherry red - May 18, 2010

i love tattoos.

i love what they embody and that everyone has different reasons for getting them and everyone means something different.

i have 8 and they’re all in places you can’t see. if i didn’t show them you wouldn’t know they were there.

i desperately wanted one on my back but i wanted a master piece and i spent 3 years designing and thinking about the one on my back.

good luck with the next one…

Just a typical dad - May 18, 2010

have you got one on your back now then im still not sure what to have its a big job! and one you have to get perfect have you got pics of yours on here? 🙂

5. Amy aka miss cherry red - May 19, 2010

I do !! They’re on my blog! Just search tattoos

6. snafflesmummy - May 21, 2010

I have just the one. Mr C has 3.

I got mine after the birth of Snaffles (my logic being that I i survived labour then a tattoo would be easy). WRONG. I would take my 20hour labour over a tattoo anyway.

I have a large intricate floral tattoo on my foot with Snaffles name. Alot of colour and alot of outlining. 2 hours of pure agony.

I would love another but dont think I can face the pain.

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