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One for the gamers May 14, 2010

Posted by Just a typical dad in Early Days.

Now i cant promise that this post will be to everyone’s taste but hopefully the majority will enjoy it 🙂 

i have quite a few hobbies, nothing unusual just going to the pub playing football now and then and things like that but when i have a spare bit of time (or when oli’s having a nap) i love to just chill out on my Xbox 360. 

I remember that my first ever games console was the legend that  is the Sega megadrive i got it from my mum for christmas and i was the envy of all of my friends as all they had were the non colour gameboys! (aaah the memories) so there i was connecting the 2 wires to set it up and i was ready to go. I can remember being immediately blown away by the amazing 2D graphics in colour!! and stunning sound effects! 


The Games it came with were Sonic, revenge of Shinobi, fifa 98 (dont quote me on the year i cant quite remember) and a few others. I can safley say i spent a good 3 hours playing it that day :). 

Next a good few years later came my Playstation which i think my mum again brought but it may well of been my dad. Now this was a machine like no other for starters it took a disk! now dont forget i was young, i was thrown that so much stuff could be stored on something so thin and brittle! well ok i still think like that but anyway! So yeah i had that amazing machine for quite a while then roughly a year later came one of my favourite machines ever! 

The PS1

My Second Console

The Nintendo 64 was quite possibly the greatest console of its time. Firstly it was capable of have 4 players at once without buying any add ons or multi controller thingy mabobs (like for the Playstation) so that was an instant like, nearly everyday after school it would be me and 3 mates playing Perfect Dark against each other. The only criticism i would have against the Nintendo 64 is that i think that it was too greedy as yeah all consoles cost a fair wack when they come out its expected but with the Nintendo 64 you had an added cost which was in the form of an expansion pack now as i was still quite young i was still at school and didnt have a job i relied on my mum to buy me what i needed in the way of entertainment but i couldnt find a way to justify to her spending more money on a little chip that meant you could play the whole content of the game so i went without untill one of my friends somehow got two!… cheers Gav! 


I had all three consoles hood up to the tv and depending on what mood i was in played on one of them after school and just when i could in general. now i can see how when reading this you are thinking blimey he never went outside! but no i did usually play football down the local field with a bunch of mates then play on it when i got back lol. 

So next came the PS2 but if you dont mind im gonna skip it as yes the introduction of 3d graphics and Lara croft from Tomb raider was all it had going for it in simpler terms it was a glorified Ps1 which i know was the point but not a great deal had changed in my eyes. 

So to the current my wonderful Xbox 360 which i brought with a mixture of birthday money and wages two years ago i was very excited as i was the last in all of my friends to get one so the day it came i connected it all up and dove straight in there and possibly played for like 5 hours lol. It was just something of pure brilliance for the first time i was playing online too which was mind-blowing! remembering how the graphics were on the sega this was just something else and i wasnt even playing on a HD TV. 


So to the current day i still have my Xbox and have no current wishes to get rid of it and there are new games coming out each week so enough to keep me occupied im even training Oli to play it and he loves to watch me play Fifa. Safe to say i cant wait till he’s old enough to play im sure he’s gonna kick his dad’s butt at it but i still cant wait! 

So in a nut shell i love my Xbox 360 to bits but my favourite Console without a doubt had to be the Nintendo 64. But thats just my opinion whats your favourite ever console!? 🙂



1. urbanvox - May 14, 2010

ah… my 1st one was the classic ATARI 2600.
a few years aftter that we got the awesome Nintendo Entertainment System followed by a Master System.
then I wnt through huge computer games phase till about 5 years ago when I was indoctrinated by the Playstation awesomeness.
a couple o years ago I got a Nintendo 360 for my b’day and the partnership is working so far.

Emma - Me , The Man & The Baby - May 14, 2010

Isnt it a xbox 360 :p

Jaymee - May 14, 2010

Yes, yes it is lol Nintendo and Microsoft, are NOT the best of buddies! lol

urbanvox - May 14, 2010

why on earth did I say Nintendo 360????????????????????
(my excuse is that I half of TB’s friends here making too much noise in my head!!! 🙂 LOL!

xbox 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steadhead10 - May 14, 2010

haha yeah yeah you were just trying to create a super console! lol hope he has a good b’day enjoy the cinema! 😀

steadhead10 - May 14, 2010

but if they were could you imagine it!! 😀

2. JenC - May 14, 2010

I don’t have quite the history you do but I remember my Dad coming home with the first ever computer game in the (very) late 70’s ‘PONG’ and we were all enthralled. I have had a PS (never bothered with PS2 or 3), Gamecube (excellent), Xbox and Xbox 360, Wii and I have two DS’s (in case one breaks or something lol) Who said Mums can’t be gamers too?? 😀

steadhead10 - May 14, 2010

haha wow you have more stuff than me that is impressive! i love pong! my OH has it on her blackberry and im always on it )

3. Jaymee - May 14, 2010

Who had an Atari? Or spectrum? Commodor 64? lol I still have mine, precious things! But I am a bit of a gaming nerd :/ left school with nothing as I thought playing final fantasy and zelda was far more important….which actually it was lol skipping school to challenge myself to complete a game in a day, good times! I might have to go back to working at GAME…

4. steadhead10 - May 14, 2010

haha what more could a guy want … i would love to work at game! unfortunately i have neither the Atarie or spectrum or Commodor 64 but thats not to say i dont want them oh and zelda and ff are absolutely amazing games i still play them now not long had the new ff and quite hooked!

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