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You never miss things till there gone May 30, 2010

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There are all sorts of lessons learnt in life but none fewer more important then ‘ you only miss things when they have gone’ otherwise know as taking things for granted etc.

you may learn this lesson quite a few times during your life, and if your anything like me you will keep trying to learn the lesson but you never do! 🙂

So my most recent occurence in this particular lesson was with my car.

Last saturday (being the 29/05/10)  my car went in for its MOT  ive had the car three years now and its never failed………………untill now.

Il explain something about  my car its been  in one crash that wrote one fiesta off and i accidently went into a big pillar which caused further damage the front. But all of these things were done before my last MOt and it passed then as in all fairness the damage isnt too bad it just needs a new bumper and bonnet due to a few scrapes and a small dent!.

So i took in on saturday morning thinking A. it would be the same as last year as i have not crashed since  & B. since it was my landlords company doing it, it would be fine!. Wasnt i wrong.

After about 30 minutes of waiting the mechanic came in and said those words i thought i would never hear ‘ im afraid im going to have to fail it’  safe to say i was shocked and disappointed.

It failed  : –

  • 2 damaged tyres
  • New Headlight due to it being damaged from the accident with the fiesta
  • New rear coil spring (due to me having a fractured one

Now it might only seem like three things but for parts ONLY now i cant stress the only bit enough i was quoted £225 and if you add labour into the equation it hits well over £300 and at the moment that one hell of a lot of money!

And that’s when it kicked in just whilst i was sat there in front of the mechanic was printing off my red fail certificate I realised that if i don’t get these problems fixed then in 10 days i wont have a car!

Without a car i wouldn’t be able to get to work (which is ironic as im a car salesman) & wouldn’t be able to get around in general. Now when you tried as hard as i did to get my license (it took me 5 attempts) you NEED to have a working car just to show that all of that money and lessons meant something!

As the town i live in is a fairly small one we often go to other places to go shopping that would have to come to a stop and well if i cant get to work then i would have no choice but to give it up and that can only mean bad things! :(.

So with gritted teeth and very a very tight bank balance i went ahead with plans to get the stuff fixed on my car and after a little searching i managed to get a few bits for just over £100 which is better than what i had been quoted now i just have to go about fitting them which  might prove a little trickier but how hard can it be! haha.

So this coming week we are going to have to tighten out belts to the highest notch no scratch that we are going to have to make a new notch! but it’s just something we have to do otherwise no car!

So again i come away thinking i must not take things for granted but it never sinks in and im sure the next time i have to learn that lesson is just around the corner!


questions questions questions! May 27, 2010

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Somebody at work today said something that really got me thinking! (yeah your right it wasnt work related) they said “jon what if someone invented a time machine could you imagine how different life could be” and in all fairness this is possibly the most intellectual thing this kid has ever said to me so i was a little taken back by it but its something that played on my mind all day what if someone really did make a time machine?  just think off the possibilities!

Im a firm believer that nothing is impossible so im sure one day this will become a reality and you never know the person who does might come back and let me know they have which would make me alter this post so watch this space!! 🙂

And so back to me daydreaming at work i thought what would be the first thing i would do where would i go (im pretty sure i cant be the only person to have ever done this at work lol). i firstly decided i would go to the day i was born (stereotypical i know) but just to see if it was anything like when oli was born just to see my mums reaction of holding me for the first time and all that jazz.

Then i got a little more adventurous and thought of all of the things you could change by having a time machine i mean just think of all of the lottery wins you could have! ha! but no i thought of all of the wars you could help prevent! just by convincing hitler he was a gay jew would have made a whole lot of difference!

Im not sure why but ive always fancied paying a quick visit to the medevil times but in my own clothes etc you would be thought of as a god! either that or a wizard but either would be fine!

The saying ‘Nobody is perfect’ couldnt be more true as everybody has things in their life that they wish they hadn’t done i mean there is the saying ‘No regrets’ but that can’t apply to everything for example i wish i could go back and tell myself about debts and things like that! but stuff like that is sort of boring so il move on!

So after a good two hours of thinking of all of the things i could do/go/be if i had a time machine i got asked another question (by the same person) which was ‘what would i do if won the euro millions’ now i know this quite a common question/fantasy and untill i thought about the time machine i had always said fast cars big houses etc but now i go into much more detail here are a few things i would do.

For starters i would find out where the people who ever called me names etc at school and i would buy the house (if they were renting) and then make there life hell i mean landlords are like gods these days arent they, they could say jump and you would say how high as without them you have nowhere to live! *bitter and twisted i know :)* i would then invest in some low risk shares so that oli could use that money when he needed it later on in life. i would then obviously buy a super fast car and a big old house in the country 😛 .

I would quite possibly go mad with power and waste all of my money on silly things! and be skint after a year or so but it would be one hell of a year 🙂

so i finally got on with some work and a little while later i got a tap on the shoulder and the same voice said jooooooon ‘What if…..’ he got greeted with a ‘ Calum shut the hell up we have to do some work now!!’ lol

my few years as a doorman May 26, 2010

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Back when i was 17 i had always wanted to follow in my brothers footsteps and become a doorman im not sure why but its something that always appealed to me so i had connections through my brother at a local security company so it was arranged i could do the course for my SIA badge and start working doing security!

I was still at school doing my a levels when i started so i stuck to weekends and at the very beginning just did what is know as static work which is just being a security guard. I was managing to squeeze in about 30 hours a weekend working nights securing an office block! and then after about a month i moved onto to working my first door.

I was fairly nervous as i had never had any previous self defense training and the course doesnt train you to do a lot but never the less i turned up at a club called mojo’s (in my hometown) and worked along side a man called wayne who was my superior.

The night went smoothly and i started to realise that when i wasnt working the doors and wanted to i wanted it to kick off but when i was working them i was terrified it might kick off! so after a week at that club i was moved onto another club (purely because i didnt want to work in my hometown.

The next club was called montells and is located in a place called tewksbury now this club was known to be a little more rough than the one i had previously worked at and again i was nervous but when i arrived i met the team (there was 5 of us) and i felt reassured as these where quite big lads!

So the night was going well only a small bit of trouble that was dealt with by the two on the front door when suddenly the manager walks up to me and tells me that two brothers (twins actually) had been pouring there own pints without paying and he wanted them out so i radioed through to the other doorman in the room and got him to come over i explained everything to him and we went to ask them to leave.

naturally they didnt want to so with a bit of guidance we were walking them to the door  when something inside them suddenly clicked and they went mad! the one i had broke away from me and the one bennett had (sorry should have told you names earlier) was struggling with him

Hold on!…..

i should probably mention that bennett is a near enough 7 foot monster who weighs in the 20 odd stone area and to look at is actually quite scary.

Anyway back to the club so i grab my twin and throw him towards the door as bennett man handles his out and suddenly out of nowhere my grabs a bottle out of his jacket……..the next few moments i remember like it happened 5 minutes ago it sort of went into slow motion (you know what i mean) and i saw him raise the bottle into a position to his me and i knew i would never raise my hands quick enough to defend myself so i braced for what i thought was going to be the most painful moment in my life yet and suddenly the front door to the club opened and a person grabbed the bloke with a bottle disarmed him and threw him into the road. Who was it i hear you asking? well to my amazement and everyone elses! it was my brother! he was popping in to see how i was getting on and well right place right time comes to mind! phew!! 🙂

So i worked there for a few weeks and built up my confidence and learnt a few moves! i was then offered a place at a gay bar in cheltenham now dont worry i laughed at first too but i thought you know why not everyone needs a doorman why not me? so i accepted and began the next saturday night and i was surprised at what i was met with!

i began my shift at 10Pm and was working with a female called emma who was my superior as she had been there longer and it ran smoothly for about a month with only the odd small bit of trouble then gemma got herself pregnant (yeah selfish i know!) and had to stop working so for a short period i worked on my own untill 12am and then was joined by someone from a pub down the road.

So one night i think it was a saturday (by now i was doing thurs, fri and sat) everything is normal, by now i had made a fair few friends at the club and was chatting away as the club had a steady flow of people coming through the doors little did i know that 2 of them were going to ruin my evening! i had a radio shout from one of the barmen saying he had to rude/abusive customers and could I ask them to leave to as i was on my own i asked them both to the front door. I got them to the front door and explained that they had to leave to which they reacted badly just swearing and calling me names petty stuff really and then something bizzar happened a man that i had noticed standing across the street for a while walked over said  “hello son” to the boy i had evicted and went to walk in now the man was about late 40’s early 50’s but was obviously a chav so i put my arm out and stated that he couldn’t go in as i had just evicted his son…..his took this very badly.

He shoved me up against the door with his hand around my neck shouting at me and this time i wasnt going down without a fight so i managed to shove him back and push him away but fighting two people is not the easiest of things as, as soon as i had pushed one away the other would hit me and so on this went on for about 10 minutes (the longest ever) but i stayed on my feet and luckily (although the cloakroom boy had called the police) the person joining me at 12 walked round the corner and rushed to my aid! he threw the dad into the road and as soon as they saw the odds even up they legged it the police then arrived and gave chase.

They caught them hiding down an alley way, i was told this news as i was giving my statement upstairs in the club. I was still a bit shaken but more than anything i was buzzing yeah maybe a little bruised and cut slightly but the adrenalin was pumping through me! i was glad they got caught and they both got prosecuted and i got a pay out but that night taught me one very valuable lesson…. Never work on your own!.

After that i was soon made head doorman which was a pay increase and ment i was everyone’s boss who worked with me and for quite a while that was my now very good friend bennett we made the perfect team whenever there was trouble we dived int there head first and dealt with it i was beginning to get a name for myself as a good doorman which i was very happy about! as i was near enough the youngest doorman in cheltenham!

So for the next few years i had on and off trouble with the odd fight here and there and grew to love my job! not for the violence or power but for the specialness i met some really good people! including Emma! i remained at the gay bar going through a few door partners untill i got to my last one who was called becky. Becky was pretty on the ball when she joined although she had never worked the doors before she listened and learnt very well and we got on very well too (she was old enough to be my mother)and we spent a good few months working together!

Last year oli was born and the realisation hit me that the only reason i was earning so much working was because it was dangerous i have had a few close calls in my time including knives, glass bottles, drugs, fights and a few more and what would oli and emma do if one night i got the wrong guy at the wrong time and i didnt come home.

So my time had come to an end i resigned from doorwork just before my badge expired much to the shock of quite a few people. I got some kind messages off ex colleagues and people from the club and even some offers to go elsewhere but no i had done about 3 years worth and had my fun so i handed the reins over to becky.

As far as i know she is still there running the show (i pop in now and again) and all is still well with the club. Im not going to lie i do miss it a lot but not nearly as much as i know my family would miss me if something bad happened.

A few great friends May 26, 2010

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This is the first time ive done this but it looks like a great idea!

So the topic is friendship, Friendship can mean quite a few things you can have friends that you met at school and might say hello to if you see them, you can also have friends that you know through a friend and that you chat to now and again, and then you have what I like to call best/great friends that you talk to at least twice a week and meet up with as much as you can. these are the friends that you can always rely on and can trust with pretty much anything!

This pictures below are a mixture of old friends that are very close and brand new friends that have automatically jumped into this category as well not many people would travel the distance we do to visit each other. Like i said there are lots of types of friends and (without sounding big headed) I have a fair few but here are a couple of some really good ones 🙂

The Boys! Jono, Gav, Me, Joey

The new Friends 🙂 Vic (Glowstars), Me, Yuri (Urbanvox), Emma (Me , The Man And The Baby)

A little Wet - Gav , Joey, Me, Emma

A little Drunk - Me, Gav, Joey, Luke

So there you have it a few of my great friends! 🙂

I was a hero shhhh May 25, 2010

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Just a quickie to tell you about the excitement that happened work today!

So we are all sat in the office working away when i realise i need to grab a package from reception so i  make my way out of the office and head to a car and when i do i smell something strange in the air, So i look left and can’t see anything and then i look right and im met with a unit a couple down from us is ablaze!

So i rush into the office to spread the gossip! and we all run outside.

Now im going to tell yu the version  i told Emma and then il tell you the real one.

So i ran outside with my work colleges and noticed a woman and child trapped in the building and so without a thought about my own life i rushed in a saved them! it was only when i had got them both out that she told me that the family pets were still in there, so again i rushed in through the flames as they were licking at my skin and found the 3 cats 2 kittens 1 dog and the guinea pig!

After a quick pause for a breath i ripped off my shirt grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and started to put the flames out whilst not even caring if my six pack got burnt i edged closer to the burning building with the extinguisher getting more and more empty.

With the extinguisher coughing out its last breath of liquid i grabbed a bucket and ran to the lake which was about 20 feet away and began dousing the flames with the bucket of water by the time the fire crew had arrived there was only one room left to extinguish  which they quickly did i then put my emergency shirt on kissed the baby on the head and went back to work and sold a few cars!

ok so heres how it really happened!

Everything up to me getting everyone one outside to look my initial thought was ooooh look a fire and then oh damn the camera is in another building! so i ran (yes ran) to get the camera and took some pictures! although the flames had died down a bit by then.

Then three fire engine arrived and after about an houir put it out. Luckily there was only about 40 cars in there and no people. Although we had gone back in the office bu this point ha.

So yeah that was my excitement today but if emma asks i was the hero! 😀

A weekend to remember! May 23, 2010

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This weekend was the weekend that we had both Urbanvox (http://urbanvox.net/wordpress) & Glowstars (http://glowstars.net) to stay with Mr A and what a great weekend it was! (blimey how many times can someone say the word weekend in one sentence)

With the weekend being like the hottest ever it got off to a flying start as we decided on a bbq for all off us so in the morning me and Emma got up and ventured out to battle the crowds to get some meat for the bbq and after a quick trip to morrisons, haircut and shower we were ready go! luckily Glowstars & Urbanvox were due to arrive at about 7ish so that gave us time to do a mass blast of the housework (as emma wanted them to think we live in an incredibly tidy house! ha)

Just as i was putting the last bowl from the washing up away there was a knock at the door and as i opened it in jumped Glowstars bursting for the toilet, not even time for hello’s! After hauling the bags in i fired the bbq up with plenty of lighting fluid and self lighting bricks…….didnt that go up well!

So we put the kids to bed and began was to be a night of laughter and loonyness, it started off fairly normal got the food and alcohol 0n the go and from there we got maybe a little merry! (well me and  Urbanvox anyway we only brought the lady’s one bottle of wine 🙂 ) and for some unknown reason i thought lets play on the trampoline!

It was about 11:30 – 12:00 and Urbanvox has grabbed his camera and were trying to do the cool air shots like you see on tv. First Emma & Glowstars tried it and their pittyful attempt of jumping about 1 foot off the ground failed and then it was my go!

i was really that afraid of jumping high, that was untill i remembered i built the thing and had a few nuts and bolts left over! but never the less i had alcohol inside me so that conquered all i gave it my all and got some good shots out of it (they will be uploaded when i receive them)

So after about a good 40 mins bouncing away we were all pretty much exhausted! and sat back down to have some more drinks! (by this point the ladies were drinking southern comfort and coke) and after some more banter and laughing away we decided to call it a night.

The next morning i was a little zombie like but i soon perked up as we were of to the NEC for the baby show!

After a cappuccino we were all ready to go! so we set off onto the motorway and all was going well untill we hit junction 6 it was when we got there we hit gridlock traffic what with everyone trying to get to the same place but after about 30-40 we arrived safe and sound and made our way into the NEC.

After a quick subway lunch we ventured into the baby show and were thankfully greeted not only by air con but by (using twitter names! :D) @Cheshire_Claire (http://www.cheshiremum.co.uk), and from there went on to meet @Cosmicgirlie (http://mochabeaniemummy.blogspot.com), @LvanO (http://www.diaryofafirstchild.com), @Bumbling Tweets (http://bumblingalong.wordpress.com) & @Porridgebrain (http://www.sleepisfortheweak.org.uk). If ive missed anyone sorry! its my short term memory! 🙂

So after meeting all of those lovely people we began mooching/bargain hunting and got freebies thrown at us from all directions which was amazing! 😀 and after a good 3 hours of wandering around trying things left right and centre we had covered nearly all of it and bumped back into LvanO and Bumbling Tweets so had coffee and cake.

It was then one last blast through incase we had missed anything and as we were we bumped into Cosatto_Tweets (http://babystuffwithpersonality.blogspot.com) and had a great conversation with her although she did seem a little taken back by us all being there! but she’s such a nice person!

By now we were all pretty tired so decided to head off and after a quick drink we parted ways and set off for home! All in all it was a great weekend and a really got Sunday at the baby show, not only did we get a bargain or two i met some really nice people. Cant wait to meet you all again! :D.

it seemed like a good idea at the time! May 21, 2010

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Ok this is my first ever meme creation it’s probably already been done but everyone has to start somewhere don’t they!

So here are the rules for this one:

1. you have to thank the person that tagged you by tagging them back!

2.  Use the picture in your post.

4. Tell everyone 5 things you did in your life that seemed like a good idea at the time!

5. Nominate 7 other people to do the same and link to there blogs.

7. Let the people you have nominated know.

So here we go with my first ever meme (that i have made). here my 5 🙂

1. The oil light came on, on one of my old cars so i thought that has to mean its pretty low! so emptied a whole container of car oil into the car thinking thats gotta fix it…..15 minutes later my car was a write off as it was on the side of the road with flames bellowing out of the exhaust along with thick plumes of smoke. apparently its a bad thing to have too much oil! hehe

2. On one of the first occasions i got drunk i thought it would be a good idea to roll around in some stinging nettles with my shirt off……..i really cant explain this one!

3. Getting that Damn credit card when i was 18. This is pretty much self explanatory.

4. When playing my rugby debut for my town (the pressure was on to impress) i had been on the pitch 2 minutes and the ball got kicked down field and landed about 15 yards away from so i ran up to it and well dived on it. then got trampled on by the other team and kicked in the head about 3-4 times. i got up and passed out and had to be subbed off. what a start! 🙂

5. In my younger days i was a bit of a boy racer and one day im in my Peugeot (the one that i blew up) and im racing a corsa and came up to a round about and found my chance to get ahead by taking the corner quickly and skidding round!. Little did i know Mr & Mrs Policeman where coming in the opposite direction and caught me red handed! I was then pulled over made to sit int the back of a police car for about 25 minutes whilst i was lectured and told how i could lose my license. luckily i didnt and they took some pity on me as they knew my boss. phew! safe to say i learned my lesson!

I hope this meme doesnt turn into one of these moments lol right the lucky lucky people im going to tag to do this next are *drum roll*

My old friend John May 20, 2010

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Before i begin i would like to state that the title of this blog is in no particular order of importance! 😛

As you might have gathered by now im a bit of a gamer and if im completely honest it does take up a fair bit of my life but im sure it can’t be counted as an addiction….yet!

I love my Xbox 360 and wouldnt swap it for anything in the word! (no definitely not a ps3) and although it slightly sickens me to think about it this way i have possibly spent about £1000 on xbox games over the couple of years i have had it!

At current i have about 20ish games (that tend to cost about £50 each generally) to which i try to play. And two controllers with charger packs (see everything adds up)

Now i know some people have very high views on children playing video games and i also have some but i dont think its a bad thing for small children to play some games for example Oli (who is one and a little bit) loves helping me play fifa! (or just helping win just ask urbanvox hehe) although understandably i would never let oli play/watch a game full of killing and swearing.

When i was growing up….from about the age of 10ish anyway i always had a games console and in moderation it was good fun and never did me any serious damage! Now you may have noticed i said in moderation and this is because i have known kids to get in from school and go straight on the games console and not come off till bedtime. This i disagree with.

I went to school boy called John higgins who was like any other boy i hung out with him a few times and he was on some school trips with me and genuinely seemed like a normal 15 year old boy and then his parents brought him a playstation for christmas and everything changed.

you only began to notice little things at first like him missing the odd day at school but this was just put down to illness little did we know he was faking it to play more playstation. after  a couple of months we started to see less and less of John untill the point he was off for two weeks straight!

Thinking something was seriously wrong a couple of us ventured to his house. We rang the door bell and we were met by what looked like a very stressed women. we asked if John was about and she explained everything apparently John had become so addicted to the games console he rarely came out of his room and meals had to be simply left outside his door for him to eat! he hadn’t showered or washed in weeks and didnt react well to light.

We found it hard to believe so asked if we could go up to his room she was willing to try anything to get him away from the computer, now i should mention they had tried to just take it away but he went mental and started breaking things and smashing up his room, so we opened his bedroom door to be met only by the light coming from his tv.

The smell was awful a mixture of rotting food and age-old sweat, he didn’t even acknowledge us untill we stood in front of the tv then all we got was a sharp “get out of the way what do you want?”. I was sad to see what was once a friend like this he was a completely different person! when he was at school he had short hair with a bit of a fringe (it was the in look) and now he had  long shaggy greasy hair that had not obviously been washed in a while.

There was plates everywhere and he was sat on the floor in his boxers and a vest (not a good look) after trying to speak to him and getting no response for about 15 minutes we gave up and left.All off us in quite a bit of shock as to what we just saw.

A couple of weeks later John was taken out  of school and we were told he was being home tutored but in the back of our minds we all knew that he still probably hadn’t left his room.

That was the last i saw of my old friend john ive since tried to find him on facebook and twitter but didnt have any luck i hope he got himself cleared up and out of that room.

Maybe the moral of all of this isn’t to go rushing to your children and ripping the controller out of their hands and locking up the console i think it’s just keep an eye on how much they play and maybe pout the console somewhere were they can be monitored and where they can’t shut the curtains to make it darker, like the living room or (if you have a big enough house) a playroom.

Anyway hope i havent just ruined some kids chances of playing on there xbox tomorrow night 🙂

Catch ya later 😀

Wordless Wednesday (My Desk At Work) May 19, 2010

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So apparently its something called wordless Wednesday which ive never done before so if i get it wrong im sorry! but as far as i can gather i just have to put some pictures up with some captions (please please correct me if i have done this wrong!) 

So for this week i have chosen to show you a few pics of the place where i work(and where im blogging from) enjoy! 

My Desk as clean as ever

My organised top draw of very important things!

Some of my cars waiting to be washed!

some more cars ready to sell!

My run around for the day

The Auction Rostrum

Cars Ready For The Next Auction

Well there we go hope you have had an interesting insight into my work place! 

Same time next week? 🙂  

My Tattoo’s Present and future May 18, 2010

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Now I know that everyone on here has probably done this but the way i see it everyone has different reasons for having tattoo’s so hopefully his wont be as repetitive as others. 🙂

Ill start with my biggest one which is on my right upper arm which is a tribal tattoo. now when i was younger i thought trial’s were common and didn’t want one as everyone seemed to have them.

it was only one day when i was 17 i was in quarantine at school in between exams (something to do with my exams overlapping so therefor i had to sit in a room with a teacher in silence for about 2 hours) i just sat there and began to doodle, as you do, and after about 30 minutes i realised i had began to draw a bit of a pattern and it didnt look too bad so i carried on and coloured it in and thought ye that would look bad as a tattoo!

So near enough on my eighteenth birthday i booked a few hours with a new tattooist in town and explained what i wanted done and waited patiently for that day to come!

So yeah after a good couple of hours it was complete and it looked really good! and for the next couple of days i couldn’t stop looking at it. But the more i kept looking at it the more i wanted it bigger!

Back to the pen and paper i went but it wasnt boredom that inspired me this time it was one night im doodling things and i have the tv on in the background and suddenly i see my inspiration! i realised that the film from dusk till dawn is on and george clooney has a wicked tattoo that you can just see creeping above his collar line and that was it that what mine needed to be extended at the top!

Now i know having a visible tattoo above the neck line looks quite unprofessional so i designed one to creep just below so i had the best of both worlds! so another couple of hours and pain, my god don’t ever get the side of your neck tattoo’s MY GOD IT HURTS! it was done! and i was happier than that bloke called larry!

So onto the next which incidentally i got on the same day as the extension of the first one was in memory of my dad who sadly passed away when i was 16 from diabetes. now obviously this was a terrible time for me i always expected to grow old with him or at very least share a beer on my 18th birthday but it seemed this world had other plans. I remember the day well i was sat in my room (it was summer holidays) just chilling out watching tv when the house phone rang it was one of my aunties from Newcastle wanting to speak to my mum so i happily passed the phone over and went back to watching tv after about 30 minutes my mum came in and asked to have a word.

She sat me down and her words were” im not sure how to say this but i have to tell you……your dad died today” now i don’t quite remember what happened in the minuets after that as i broke down (as did my mum, i should mention that they weren’t together they separated when i was young but she was obviously equally as sad). after a good day or two of crying and feeling sorry for myself  i decided there and then that as soon as i was old enough i would get a tattoo of something to commemorate him.

The day of the tattoo arrived and I still hadn’t thought of what to have i mean how do you some up someone you love into a tattoo/picture so i went back to basics and simply had “Dad Forever Remembered on my upper left arm.

Now its common knowledge that tattooing is very addictive and with me this is no different and so my latest tattoo was done on impulse all because my friend was getting one and i had enough time to flick through a book full of idea’s the only downside  was i only had £30 so it had to be small but never the less i went ahead and bartered a £45 down to £30 (that’s my inner salesman coming out) and about 45 minutes later i had my very first colour tattoo!

I picked it because im a big poker player… i love to play! and am quite familiar with some of the old stories/saying like why a queen and a three is called a gay waiter but that’s just simply a play on words lol.

Ive wanted more for a while but what with a mixture of lack of funds anytime i just havent had a chance to get more! but now what with things looking up  and summer just round the corner (yes that is a legitimate excuse) i think it could be time for some more! maybe starting with my legs and then when i have designed one good enough get a masterpiece on my back!

So hopefully soon you will see a new post entitled “my new tattoo’s!” and if not donate money towards my get me a tattoo fund! lol

My inspiration for this post was Single Mummy.net after reading about her tattoo’s the other night 😀